Alexandre Aja (Crawl) has officially announced his next project: an adaptation of Junji Ito’s manga series Tomie. Aja will be acting as both director and executive producer for the adaptation, which will be premiering on Quibi.

David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick (Orphan) has been named writer, as well as filling the role of second executive producer. Hiroki Shirota (Insidious) will also be co-producing, and Sony Pictures Television and Universal Content Productions are also involved.

This isn’t the first television adaptation for Tomie, either. In Japan, it ran as a limited television series, as well as an eight-movie film series. Tomie, the titular character, has powers akin to a succubus. Like a succubus, her beautiful face hides a monstrous visage and monstrous abilities.

At this time, no release date for the series has been announced–the streaming service it will be on isn’t even up and running yet! However, Quibi’s website lets interested parties sign up for updates via email.

Tomie the manga is easily found online and in most major bookstores. The Japanese movies and shows are a little harder to find, but they’re out there as well.

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