The list of new monsters continues to grow for Capcom’s upcoming Iceborne DLC. Everyone’s favorite tusked, tornado blasting beastie, the Barioth, is joining the ever-growing roster of new (or returning) monsters in the upcoming Monster Hunter: World DLC.

The Barioth will be joining the likes of Beotodus, Nargacuga, and Tigrex when Iceborne drops on September 5, 2019.

The Barioth was featured in a Game Informer exclusive video (which you can watch below) in which the developer actually instigates a turf war between the tusked king of the Iceworld and Banbaro. The scene is actually reminiscent of the Jurassic Park 3 Trex/ Spinosaurus fight if either of those dinosaurs could fly. The video depicts just how interactive these monsters can get if they get close enough to one another, and the little skirmish is pretty exciting to watch. The Barioth’s tusks look like a cool little cosmetic addition to his silhouette until you see him plunge them deep into the Banbaro’s neck.

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On top of that, the video shows a side by side comparison of the Barioth from Monster Hunter Generations and the updated model for Monster Hunter: World (that new fur though).

The Barioth footage is the first in a month-long list of exclusive online coverage planned through Game Informer.

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