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New Persona 5 Royal Trailer is All About Morgana

Continuing Atlas’ constant stream of new details surrounding Persona 5 Royal, a new trailer for Morgana has recently dropped, featuring some new dialogue scenes, as well as a peek at her new and improved Zorro persona, Diego!

You can check out the new trailer featuring our favorite feline below. Special shout-out to ZestraX as well for the English translations.

Along with a sneak peek at Zorro’s alter-ego, the new trailer features a few new scenes. One features Ryuji, Joker, Morgana, and Yusuke at what seems like a fair event. Ryuji complains about the sweltering heat and how they shouldn’t have gone outside, while Morgana reminds him that it was his idea in the first place.

With Morgana’s trailer, we have now seen a showcase for almost every main character in the game. With a Persona 5 Royal live-stream planned for August 2, a new full-length trailer seems all most definite. Atlus has also confirmed that Takuto isn’t the only new confidant coming to the re-release, so maybe we’ll be introduced to another new face during the stream?

Persona 5 Royal is set for an October 31, 2019 release in Japan, with a European/ North America release coming sometime in 2020.

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