Earlier this morning, the official Pokémon Twitter account tweeted an all new Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield trailer. The trailer reveals all sorts of new Pokémon, challengers, and new information about Gigantamaxing.

The trailer starts with trainers, looking as if they’re in soccer uniforms, strolling into a stadium to fight. The very first reveal in this trailer is Alcremie, a fairy-type cutie with the ability Sweet Veil. We get to see her in action in a match.

Next up, we get to see more on Yamper, the electric-type corgi with the ability Ball Fetch. We also see him do some moves–perhaps tail slap–and then we move on to Rolycoly, who appears to be a lump of coal. Rolycoly is a rock type which can have either Steam Engine or Heatproof as an ability. Duraludon, a steel/dragon type comes next, flaunting the possibility of either Light or Heavy Metal as an ability.

We then get to have a closer look at some gyms. We get some quick shots of gym leaders and other challengers that we’ve seen in the past, and then we get to see Chairman Rose and Oleana. It appears that certain gyms will be game exclusives, as certain cutscenes are presented with the specific Sword and Shield logos in the corner of the screen. Bea and Allister are the gym leaders at two of these gyms.

Finally, we get to see more of Gigantamax in the form of Alcremie, who turns into a giant tiered cake when affected by it, and a few others, who actually duke it out.

You may watch the trailer below:

For more information on the upcoming games, you can check out our most recent articles on them herePokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield are both scheduled for release on November 15 for the Nintendo Switch.

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