Nintendo Switch with Red and Blue JoyCons

Just a little while ahead of Nintendo’s markedly un-switch-y Switch Lite iteration of their hybrid stroke of genius the Japanese video game company continues to rake it in. According to the newest sales figures, which you can peruse right here, the console has sold a total of 36.87 million units to date.

Further inspection of the data at hand reveals some other interesting tidbits. The Nintendo Switch is inching closer and closer to the Super Nintendo’s total hardware sale figure of 49.10 million units, having already eclipsed the Nintendo 64’s total sale figure of roughly 33 million units. The cheaper entry price into the Switch family with the upcoming Switch Lite launch in September should give the console’s total sales a big boost as well.

In other non-Switch related news, the 3DS stands more and more in the shadow of its bigger brother, a trend that should only continue with the release of the more affordable Switch Lite. Of course, it’s been a great run for Nintendo’s last double screen handheld, boasting 75.28 million units sold to date and I salute the little guy wholeheartedly

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