Well, there you have it: the long-rumoured Switch Mini, officially titled the Nintendo Switch Lite, is real after all — not that anyone really doubted it at this point.

Like the 2DS iteration of Nintendo’s 3DS family, the Switch Lite is a cheaper, scaled-back model of the Switch that sacrifices certain features in favour of affordability. The screen size has been reduced from 6.2 inches to 5.5, and it can no longer connect to TVs.

In other words, the Switch no longer switches. This new model is geared towards portable play, perhaps to cater to Nintendo fans who preferred the easy portability of the 3DS over home-console play.

In terms of compatibility with Switch games, it supports any Switch title that can be played in handheld mode. In other words, any games that require docked mode for play won’t be supported. As the Switch Lite doesn’t use Joy-Cons, any features specific to those, such as Joy-Con Rumble, can’t be used.

You can find helpful compability pages over on the website for the Switch Lite.

The new console’s storage capacity remains the same: 32GB flash storage with a microSD slot should you need more space. Nintendo also claims that this model uses a more efficient processor, which should lead to battery life improvements of up to 30%.

This announcement confirms what we’ve all suspected for a long time now: that a budget model of the Switch was in the works. A similar rumour, this one regarding a more powerful model along the lines of the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, has yet to be confirmed.

The Switch Lite will launch on September 20 and comes in three colours: yellow, grey or blue. Its price in the US will be $200.

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