As our own Jonathan Lightfoot already pointed out when the news broke: The Nintendo Switch Lite wasn’t the biggest surprise, it was more a question of when and what exactly the next iteration of the Switch would be. In an interview with CNET Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser revealed a few more details.

One of Bowser’s horribly chopped up and padded key quotes is that the original Switch will keep its place in the Switch family tree for the time being, implying, according to CNET, an indirect confirmation and a call for patience for a supposed Pro model of the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo-centric YouTube creator Arlo already pointed out a couple of surprising elements to the Switch Lite and I think if a Pro model should really come into existence it might be just as surprising.

Of course Bowser reiterated on Nintendo’s sentiment that the 3DS will not be put to the grave as long as customers choose to buy it. This stated support is actually life support in all but wording, as during E3 Nintendo had nothing new in terms of games to bring to the platform, but considering the price of the various 3DS models and games I would be hyped to get one as a kid right now and I think that is one of the biggest chances of the 3DS currently, a great starting point for new gamers.

In other slightly disappointing news, in terms of expanding the Nintendo Online offer beyond free NES games, they have “Nothing to announce at this time, but we continue to release NES games at a nice pace.”. Personally, I’ve got the most play time out of Super Mario Bros. 3 from that service and that is to this day one of the most beloved entries in the series. The interest I have in going back to that era beyond that particular game borders on being non-existent. That is to say I am really ready for a nice surprise for Nintendo Online.

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