The latest update to the Nintendo Switch Online service will add a rewind function to its entire library of NES titles, allowing players to, well, rewind their game.

In the past, the Virtual Console on Wii U and 3DS allowed players to create save states — essentially save files that could be made anywhere, unhindered by in-game save restrictions — and instantly reload to that point if they made a mistake or missed something.

This new feature feels like an evolution of that, allowing NES gameplay to be reverted to an early place of the player’s choice. Simplying pressing ZL and ZR together will allow you to zip back to an earlier point in your playthrough.

I’m always in favour of features like this. Not only do they make a game tremendously more accessible, but they allow people to enjoy games that might have previously been too difficult for them. Older games like those on the NES can be notorious for their difficulty, and this is a very simple way of breaking down those barriers.

The rewind feature will be added to the Switch on July 17, alongside two new titles joining the NES roster: Donkey Kong 3 and The Wrecking Crew.

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