NVIDIA is showing off their newest pitch for their RTX-equipped GeForce and Quadro chipsets by revisiting their 2014 lunar landing demo, and it’s just in time for the 50th anniversary.

This updated demo features the new RTX ray tracing technology which has allowed this recreation to become an even more faithful adaptation of the moment Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first touched the moon’s surface. The biggest improvement to the demo is obviously the updated lighting. Ray tracing in real-time allowed NVIDIA to capture exactly how the Sun’s rays would have bounced off the lunar lander and the spacesuits worn by these brave astronauts. The light blooms and shadows are impressively close to the actual tv footage and images that were taken on the lunar surface, even when compared to the original 2014 demo.

Simultaneously, this is a fun poke at the group that are somehow still convinced that the Moon landing never actually happened.

Ray tracing lets us calculate how the rays of light would naturally bounce off and around an environment. In this demo, the Sun’s position is taken into consideration and how those light rays affect the environment. Like how the actual sun produced the natural lighting effect we see in the real footage. Just emphasizing that for you non-believers out there.

Though this might be a subtle ploy for NVIDIA to showcase their new hardware, it is still a testament to how far computer graphics have come in just a few years time. You can check out the revamped demo for yourself below, which has some fun commentary from Buzz Aldrin himself.

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