In the newest of several character-focused trailers for Persona 5 Royal, we’re treated to some more additions to the game, including news scenes and battle skills, featuring party member Yusuke Kitagawa.

In addition to its brand new character, Kasumi Yoshizawa, Persona 5 Royal will have plenty of story- and character-related content that wasn’t in the original release.

Curiously, one scene in the trailer shows Yusuke talking with fellow party member Ann, and the protagonist is nowhere to be seen. The majority of scenes and interactions in the original Persona 5 were shown from the protagonist’s perspective, but this looks like we might get to see how the Phantom Thieves interact without him around.

Also shown was a combination attack between Yusuke and Ann. These are entirely new battle skills that weren’t present in the previous version of the game, and they certainly look impressive, drawing upon each character’s respective themes and aesthetic.

Prior to Yusuke’s trailer, developer Atlus released promotional videos for Ryuji and Ann, whose stories have been similarly expanded upon with extra content and new team-up skills in battle.

Persona 5 Royal launches for PS4 in Japan on October 31, and a western release is scheduled for next year. You can check out the new Yusuke trailer below:

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