In a hot new interview with Bethesda major Public Relations person Pete Hines had a lot of interesting tidbits to say about the company’s connection with the Nintendo Switch platform. Among these the assertion that Bethesda’s bringing new players on to the Switch.

Bethesda has been skipping on Nintendo platforms for… well, they’ve never released games on a Nintendo console before the Switch. Of course, great ports of Doom, Skyrim and Wolfenstein have made the AAA publisher one of the fixtures in that particular space for the Switch and their continued support shows real dedication for the platform.

All that aside, what exactly makes Pete Hines say they’re bringing new players to Nintendo’s hit console? According to Hines Nintendo has data on what game new players play first on their freshly bought console and they would exclaim “Somebody got a Switch and decided to play your game before anything else.”. In addition to that he apparently “met a guy yesterday” (whenever that interview was recorded) who bought a Switch chiefly because Bethesda games were available for it.

I want to be perfectly clear, these statements seem a bit ludicrous, but this is his job, overstating the importance of the services or goods his company provides. I have no doubt Bethesda brought a couple of new players to the Switch, but putting this all a bit more into perspective would have certainly been a better approach, especially with Bethesda stumbling from blunder to blunder at the moment.

Nevertheless the interview is quite the interesting read, you can check it out right here.

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