Although Overwatch players are accustomed to meeting a new playable hero every July, it was recently announced that the next addition to the roster would be a little late. He has since been revealed as Sigma, a pretty hench-looking scientist with an interest in the mysteries of the universe.

Sigma is the 31st playable character for Overwatch, and he follows Baptiste, who joined the game at the start of the year. In his origins video, Sigma is described as an “eccentric astrophysicist” who is “unaware he’s been turning into a living weapon.” Yikes.

Like Moira before him, Sigma’s allegiances are to the nefarious Talon group, who stand in opposition to the Overwatch-aligned good guys like Soldier 76, Mercy et al. Other Talon members include Reaper, Sombra, Widowmaker, and Doomfist, so Sigma is certainly in interesting company.

There are plenty of fan theories out there, but we don’t yet know much about how Sigma will play. His character class and abilities are still a mystery, but I expect we’ll learn more when he makes his debut on the Public Test Region (PTR).

You can check out Sigma’s origin trailer below.

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