We knew that this year’s third annual Serling Fest, meant to honor legendary screenwriter Rod Serling, was already set to be something special this year, as it marks the sixtieth anniversary of Serling’s classic series The Twilight Zone.

However, the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation isn’t done upping the ante quite yet. Early Sunday morning, the group announced over Facebook that this year would mark the first official Twilight Zone awards, in order to further commemorate the landmark show’s sixtieth anniversary.

The poll lets users choose their favorite episodes from the entire series, and favorites from intros and outros, monsters, aliens, performances from actors and actresses, and more from select episodes. The poll is currently live. The winners in all categories will be announced during the run of the festival.

Serling Fest 2019: “The TZ @ 60” will run from October 4 through October 6 in Binghamton, New York. For more information about the event, you can check out our previous article on the event here, as well as the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation’s website.

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