In a surprising, last minute, turn of events, Sony has changed their July PS Plus free games. Konami’s PES 2019is being replaced with Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human.

Horizon Chase Turbo, developed by Aquiris Game Studio, will still be available for free to PS Plus subscribers. Horizon Chase Turbo is described as being an arcade-style racer with a retro inspiration. What’s exciting is that Detroit: Become Human will be the deluxe version, meaning anyone that adds the title to their library will also gain access to Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain title. Heavy Rain was ironically the free PS Plus title for July 2018, coincidence?… Yeah, probably.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this last minute switch-a-roo, but honestly Detroit: Become Human is probably a more enjoyable title than PES 2019. It’s a rare turn of events for the company, but one that gives players a TON of content to play through during the month of July.

July’s free PS Plus games drop today, July 2, 2019. This also means that the Borderlands: Handsome Jack collection and Sonic Mania are no longer available.

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