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Spider-Man: Far From Home Becomes Highest Grossing Spider-Man Film of All Time

Swinging into first

Spider-Man: Far From Home continues to pull people back into theaters weeks after it’s release, bringing in another $21 million this past weekend. It has also become the highest-grossing Spider-Man film of all time, dethroning Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 with a whopping $970 million in box office sales.

For context, Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 sits at $890 million, which is baffling in its own right considering that is by far the worst installment for the web-slinger to date.

The previous Spider-Man: Homecoming capped at $880 million worldwide, surely helped by Robert Downey Jr.’s supporting role as Iron Man. That being said, Far From Home goes to show that the “Marvel fatigue” idea is a bunch of crap. Even after Avengers: Endgame, people are still flooding their theaters to see the latest Marvel installment. This, of course, is surely helped by Tom Holland’s fantastic portrayal of Peter Parker, it’s hard not to love the guy.

With this new title, Spider-Man faces one more hurdle, that is, if Marvel wants to make a third solo film. The deal between Sony and Marvel had one hell of a stipulation, where it stated that if Far From Home didn’t make $1 billion at the box office, Sony would gain full creative control of Spidey once more. With a Venom sequel in the works, I’m sure Sony has ideas for Peter Parker. That being said, Spider-Man: Far From Home only needs another $30 million to solidify a third installment with Marvel. With how rapidly it accrued $970 million (just over 3 weeks), it feels pretty safe to say this latest Spider-Man installment will hit this lofty goal.

Clearly, this agreement is probably why we heard no mention of a Spider-Man film planned for Marvel’s Phase 4 during the San Diego Comic-Con panel. As long as people continue to flock to the theaters to support our favorite wall-crawler Marvel will surely see Spider-Man return for one more outing within the MCU. However, there is always a chance the movie could fall a bit short, so grab a ticket while you can, this could be the last time to see Spider-Man on the big screen for quite some time!

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