Although it has been a tradition for quite some time, the Sy-Fy Channel appears to be axing their Twilight Zone July 4 marathon.

However, Decades TV Network has stepped in with their own “Rod, White, and Blue” Twilight Zone marathon, using original series creator’s name (Rod Serling) to make a creative pun.

Decades’ marathon begins at 7 AM EST on July 4 with “Valley of the Shadow,” with the marathon capping things off at 6 AM EST of July 5 with the episode “On Thursday We Leave For Home.”

You can view the entire schedule for the 42-episode marathon on the Decades website. You can also check whether you get the channel thereby either checking for your state or typing in your zip code.

Meanwhile, if you want to switch things up a little but are still hungry for sci-fi anthology series on July 4, Comet TV will be bringing back their Outer Limits marathon this year. Their marathon will feature both episodes from the original series, which was direct competition to The Twilight Zone in the sixties, and the nineties reboot. This marathon runs from 10 AM EST July 4 to 2 AM EST July 5.

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