The time is nearly upon us! Garth Eniss’ hyper-violent anti-superhero romp The Boys is all about ready to premiere over on Amazon Prime with the Final Trailer recently going live.

In this nitty-gritty clash of ‘Good Vs. Evil’ we will see a side to impossible people never before seen on paper or Prime like this as Billy Butcher prepares to be the immovable object to the unstoppable force which is superheroes.

In the final trailer, we get a better look at some of the bigger characters from the 77 issue action drama including the big bad hero the Homelander as well as a sneak peek at some of the series developing understories.

To fans of the comic such as myself, it is easy to see some creative liberties being taken but I’m hopeful that this doesn’t stretch too far and is a purely cosmetic choice. Just give me the violence as well as Butcher’s ‘Can Do’ and ‘Fuck You’ attitude.

For those of you who were unaware, you can check out the trailer right here.

The Boys is set to premiere over on Amazon Prime on July 26, 2019. I think it may be time to cancel my Netflix subscription and swap over…

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