Since its debut back in 2013, Yo-Kai Watch has become a very successful franchise in its own right. Now, the original game for the 3DS is being remastered for a release on the Nintendo Switch.

Yo-Kai Watch is a fairly lighthearted and kid-friendly take on the Pokémon formula. Yo-kai are a very broad type of supernatural entity common in Japanese folklore; in the games, they can be befriended by the player to have them join your team. The plot tends to revolve around putting a stop to the mischievous antics of the Yo-kai.

The most recent entry in the series launched exclusively for the Switch. With all of its predecessors available only on the 3DS, bringing the original title to Switch could be a sign that the rest of the series is set to follow.

Yo-Kai Watch for Nintendo Switch launches October 10. You can check out the trailer for its original 3DS version below.

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