As if the announcement of the Switch Lite wasn’t significant enough, Nintendo is also making some upgrades to the standard Switch hardware.

Like the Switch Lite, the upgraded model is set to launch this September, and it will feature significantly improved battery life compared to the current hardware. According to Nintendo, the upcoming revision will have up to 9 hours of battery, which is a huge increase over the current 6-hour upper threshold.

It will, of course, depending on what game you’re playing, as some are more demanding than others. The new hardware will run a top-shelf Switch title like Breath of the Wild for approximately 5.5 hours, Nintendo claim.

With this in mind, it’s well worth holding off on a Switch purchase for now, even if the upcoming Switch Lite hasn’t caught your eye. The improvements to the base model’s battery life are significant, meaning you can play your favourite games undisturbed for hours longer.

Both new Switch models launch this September. Wouldn’t it be nice if Nintendo announced a price cut to go along with that improved battery life?

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