The Advance Wars-inspired Wargroove is still set to release on PS4, but having to wait months after the Xbox One and Switch versions isn’t the only downside: the PS4 edition won’t allow you to cross-play with people on other systems.

Developer/publisher Chucklefish has released an official statement on the matter, stating that Wargroove is in the “final stages” of content approval for Sony’s platform. Although no specific date was given, Chucklefish expect to announce the release date “very soon”.

Why the delay, then? Chucklefish remain tight-lipped on the matter, attributing some of the problems to unspecified technological hurdles. The remainder can’t be discussed due to NDA (non-disclosure agreement) reasons. Because of these contractual obligations, we may never know the full story.

The statement goes on to assure fans that the PS4 iteration of Wargroove will be almost exactly the same as the others, with the exception of cross-play multiplayer. PS4 players can still access and use community-made content for the game, but playing with people on Xbox One and Switch is a no-go.

The lack of cross-play is a surprising move. Sony have rightly been criticised a great deal over the past few years for their restrictive stance on cross-play, but they appeared to have changed their ways: games like Fortnite and Rocket League were eventually updated to support cross-play on PS4. Here’s hoping a similar change comes to Wargroove eventually.


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