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In an age where zombies and virus-ridden-apocalypses flesh out the plot of 90% of new games, Days Gone could have easily been one more unremarkable story added to the growing pile – here’s why it wasn’t.

Zombies are defined as undead, flesh-eating monsters and honestly, there’s only so many ways you can twist that story ’til it gets old. Days Gone took a page from Last of Us when they created different strains of the virus and forced players to adapt to an ever-changing enemy. Fighting a pack of freakers is one thing, but getting up close and personal with a breaker or screamer might spell out your death if you don’t think fast.

Days Gone is also filled with a bunch of well-written survivors. Boozer (the brother you struggle to keep alive,) Ricky (the fiery mechanic who rode with Deac back in the day,) and a slew of questionable leaders who remind you why the life of a drifter might not be such a bad idea. And of course, there’s the mystery surrounding Sarah – Deacon’s missing wife. We learn about Sarah and Deac’s relationship through heartfelt flashbacks and occasionally riding out to her grave but Deac’s grief soon turns to desperation when he discovers that Sarah might not actually be dead. The search for Sarah is like a beacon of hope as we ride through the bleak freakshow.

Last but not least, Days Gone is just plain fun. With several breathtaking biomes, diverse settlements and an ever-changing weather system, it’s a universe worth taking the time to explore. Your bike – which is totally customizable – quickly becomes your best friend and will get you out of tight spots if you upgrade it right. Hordes are a challenge for even the most experienced fans of FPS and whether you fancy yourself a master of the crossbow or a builder of crazy melee weapons, there’s a gameplay style for everyone.

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