Hey folks. As some of you may already know from a Tweet posted by our founder, n3rdabl3 is coming to an end and as of today, will no longer be publishing.

Over the past seven years, we’ve achieved so much and would like to extend a huge thank you to most who have been a part of the team, supported us over the years, and have read and watched our content.

We’ve had some overwhelmingly wonderful experiences and saw so much over the years. What started as a personal blog snowballed into something massive, and it’s been a wild ride. In fact, if you want to hear more about these awesome experiences, check out our final podcast.

You can continue to follow our journeys via social media. Be sure to check out your favorite author’s page and find their accounts there.

As it stands currently, the site will remain online as an archive of all of our author’s work. Though this may change in future. So, on that note. Thank you, and goodbye.

The n3rdabl3 Team.

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