This year at Lock City Anime and Comic-Con, a major guest was the actress Brianna Denski, fresh off her role as June in Wonder Park (2019).

During the panel “The Voice of the Next Generation: Q & A With Brianna Denski,” fans got to sit down with her and panel moderator Lewis Perry of The AngryGeeks Show and chat. The panel proceeded as an easygoing Q & A session through and through, switching from questions from just Perry to questions from the audience intermittently.

The first question to kick the panel off was what it was like to only have your voice in a major motion picture. Denski said it was “fun to be June” and an “amazing experience.” She joked that she has always wanted to be famous, so the role of June was a good start.

Lock City Anime and Comic-Con
Brianna Denski and Lewis Perry

She was then asked if she had a favorite moment while working on Wonder Park. She said her favorite thing about Wonder Park was the relationship she had with the director and the cast and crew that she met. (Because June was a voice acting role, she didn’t meet many fellow cast members until the actual red carpet premiere.)

Denski was also asked about what her dream project would be. She said a major goal would be to get on a Netflix original production. Perry joked that she could be on the next season of Stranger Things, though when Denski was asked if she had a specific genre she would prefer, she said she had no preference. She said she “would like to try every [genre].” She was later asked about her dream roles and immediately answered that she’d like to be Coraline in a live-action version of Coraline (2009). She also mentioned Little House on the Prairie and the role of Pippi Longstocking.

Our first round of audience questions came after that, with things kicking off with a question about what inspired Denski with the character of June. Denski said that her director would have her imagine that she was in similar, relatable situations. Denski said she also drew on childhood memories and her own imagination, warning the audience to never let their imaginations die.

Of course, this was followed by a question about Denski’s favorite and least favorite or hardest scene to record from Wonder Park. She said that she likes a challenge, so she had fun with the emotional scenes, sometimes acting so intensely she made herself cry. She also said that she didn’t really have a least favorite part, though if she had to pick, it was all the screaming scenes. Perry then had the whole audience scream with her! Later, she was asked about her favorite dialogue from the movie, she named June’s monologues where she is “proving herself.” As for the best part of working on the movie, she named the behind-the-scenes experience from seeing the art go from sketches to full CGI.

As it turns out, Denski is a multi-talented individual. She had a segue where she talked about her other hobbies, which include painting, singing, and dancing. She said that “If I could be famous in everything, that would be, like, a goal!” She even sang a little line for us when Perry asked her to, although she didn’t get up and dance when he asked her.

Then she discussed a little bit about her acting career itself. She said that she comes from a family with many actors, and she has been in many Indie films. A big help was also her talent agency, which led her to her manager, then her agent, then callbacks, and then working jobs. She went into more detail with auditions and callbacks, saying that if you want to be an actor you have to be able to deal with rejection. And she reminded the audience that while callbacks feel great, callbacks don’t mean you’ve gotten the job yet.

As for actors, Denski would love to have callbacks–and jobs–with, she named Sandra Bullock, Millie Bobbie Brown, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bill, and Jim Carrey. She also named Sandra Bullock as a major influence.

Denski was also asked about other movies and shows she’s been in, and although she named a few, like Wishin’ and Hopin’ (2014), she recommended that curious fans go straight to her IMDB page. She named Wonder Park as her favorite movie that she has been in.

Attendees were also curious about Wonder Park‘s future. Denski said that no film sequel to Wonder Park had been confirmed, but she knows that there is a television show coming out. However, all but two members of the cast were switched out for the show, and someone else will be playing June.

As things wrapped up, the topic turned back to Denski’s thoughts on acting. When an attendee asked if she preferred voice- or live- acting, Denski described upsides of both. You don’t have to dress up for voice-acting… But you do get to work with the team in person with traditional acting. She also said that her dream film location would be one of “Those giant green screen rooms.” And to get even more specific, she would want to work with motion-capture suit actors, preferably one who had to play an animal character, like Rocket Racoon. She would like to see if she could really take the situation seriously.

Finally, as the panel wrapped up, Denski was asked if she was more comfortable voice-acting or traditional acting. She seems to like both and said that a role that included both types of acting would be great.

Denski then went back to her booth on the main floor of the con to meet fans one-on-one and do signings. For more on Denski’s future projects and appearances, you can check out her Instagram and Facebook pages. This panel was also recorded by The AngryGeeks Show, so if you’d like to check it out for yourself, head on over to their Facebook page!

Lock City Anime and Comic-Con was held on July 27 in North Haven, Connecticut. For more coverage on the convention, please keep on checking N3rdabl3 throughout the week!

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