Early yesterday morning, Marvelous released more character art and screenshots for Story of Seasons: Reunion at Mineral Town.

The released art showed off bachelors and bachelorettes, as well as townsfolk. For bachelors, Gray and the Doctor joined the lineup. As for the bachelorettes, we got to see the redesigns of Mary and Elli. Clicking on their images on the Japanese website for the upcoming game brings up new screenshots featuring them.

Interestingly, these characters’ names, as translated from Japanese by Harvest Moon & Story of Seasons Fan Club member Gabriela Putri Widjaya, are exactly the same as they were in the original Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town games. The previously released bachelors and bachelorettes had their names changed or slightly tweaked from their originals. And, of course, their designs have been updated considerably across the board.

As for the other townsfolk, Marvelous released art for Basil and Anna (Mary’s parents), Saibara (Gray’s grandfather), and Ellen and Stu (Elli’s grandmother and kid brother). It’s worth noting that the relationships described above were the relationships from the original Mineral Town Gameboy Advance games. Although it seems unlikely that these relationships would be changed in the remake, it is possible.

You may view the newly released character art from Reunion at Mineral Town‘s website in the gallery below:

Story of Seasons: Reunion at Mineral Town will be available for the Nintendo Switch starting October 17 across Asia. Although US and European releases for the game have been confirmed, Marvelous has not announced a specific release date for those regions.

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