Someone is going to have to inform Natalie Portman that she isn’t the first female to wield the mighty Hammer of Thor, though technically she is the first live-action female to do so.

Of course, you’ve seen the excellent headline I’ve written and you’ve probably realized the Wonder Woman is DC and Thor is Marvel, how did these two entities come together?

Well, our story begins back in the 90s and era of great boom and success for the industry that was followed by an all mighty crash back to the ground. During the era of highs and lows, DC and Marvel came together to publish a miniseries that merged their two superhero universe together.

DC versus Marvel Comics may not have been the first crossover between these two worlds and X-men and Teen Titans crossover occurring a decade or so earlier. Anyways the story of DC versus Marvel Comics is simple, two worlds collide. Batman meets Captain America, Robin falls in love with Jubilee from the X-men and Wonder Woman gets to wield Thors Hammer Mjolnir during one of the iconic meetings of these two rival comic book juggernauts.

Though Wonder Woman doesn’t get transformed into the iconic red-capped getup Thor has she most certainly does wield it. So in case, you were wondering what exactly the criteria are to wield Mjolnir, is well you essentially have to be a decent person or considered to be worthy which explains why a certain over nice guy Avenger gets to use it in a certain Avengers movie.

So it’s kind of like the Green Lantern ring where you have to be a brave son of a gun with a passion for justice to use it. For those who aren’t big comic book buffs, it’s a bit like the Nimbus Cloud from Dragon Ball which only allows those of decent heart to ride it.

Then again, Wonder Woman isn’t the first DC character to wield the hammer as Superman was able to use it during the Justice League and Avengers crossover, because you know Superman is severely lacking in the power department and all that.

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