The utility belt is such a big piece of what of Batman is aesthetically alongside the Batmobile and Bat-Signal and has aided him in many of his adventures over the years.

It carries many vital gadgets and gizmos that help Batman in his war against crime and it’s forever in flux based on what comic book you’re reading, what game your playing or whatever you’re watching. In Batman Beyond (Batman of the Future to folks in the UK) Bruce Wayne practically makes a utility suit full of gadgets and over useful bits and bobs.

So let’s glide over the many cool and quirky things that the Dark Knight has held in his belt including films, tv shows and of course the comics. The Shark Repellent Bat-Spray gets an honorable mention but just remember it wasn’t on his belt when it first appeared it on a shelf on the Batcopter during the feature film for the 1960s Adam West Batman franchise.

If we’re going to start anywhere he most useful and popular tool on the Batbelt is the Batarang a boomerang that Batman can use to spark out a thug or cut a rope that holds on his faithful sidekick’s hostage. Sometimes they can explode and with a rope attached he can use it scale the buildings of Gotham. Over the years we’ve seen the Batarang/rope/grappling gun in many different forms in the comics, games and even on breakfast cereals.

A useful tool that Batman has used is money. A good example is in Detective Comics #840 when he needed some street clothes, so he broke into a store took some clothes but left enough money to cover the damages of the break-in and the cost of the clothes. Better than a credit card don’t you think? That, of course, is a reference to Batman and Robin where it turned it out he carried around a credit card.

If we look back to some of the more common tools he carries around with these includes a torch, smoke bombs, tracking devices, bolas, lock picks, explosives, a cutting device, handcuffs, and my favorite ice grenades as seen in The Batman cartoon series.

Speaking of the Batman cartoon, another cool modification he made was during the Batman vs Dracula TV movie which saw him create some projectile syringes full of garlic to do battle against Dracula and his vampire zombie army.

Looking a little as less at the offensive things in the utility belt he carries around medical equipment that he once used to deliver a baby during the War Drums story event which acted as a prelude to the mid-2000s War Games.

Of course, he carries around remote controls for his various vehicles like the Batmobile and in the TellTale Games a control for a Drone. A more classic example is the Batwave, a tablet Batman used in The Batman series.

When it comes to dealing with some specific threats like say, a rogue Superman he carries around a Kryptonite ring in case he has to face him in a fight like he used during the Batman Hush story arc when Superman fell under the spell of Poison Ivy.

In case he needs to go for a swim of the Joker sprays some laughing gas he carries a rebreather to keep his lungs clean or when he can’t hold his breath seen commonly throughout the comics.

If he needs to do a bit of CSI he carries around some forensic tools in case he needs to get to the bottom of a mystery some of which is used during the Batman Arkham and TellTale Games.

A random favorite of mine is the Energy Blade/lightsaber. In the Batman Brave and the Bold cartoon, Batman pulls an energy sword out of his belt to duel with some bad guys and possibly breach some copyright infringement. Another cool example of Batman using a lightsaber is in the popular Bat in the Sun video Batman Vs. Darth Vader 

Have I missed a cool one out? Let us know in the comments.

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