It’s almost been a year since the Power Rangers story event “Shattered Grid” saw every Power Ranger ever unite to wage battle with an evil version of Power Ranger Legend, Tommy Oliver and with an ending promising change, what could’ve changed?

In case you missed the ending I’ll fill you in. This article isn’t for you if you don’t want to receive any spoilers.

OK, at the end of the story event the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Power Ranger Time Force’s Jen had been sucked in a world where reality had been manipulated by Lord Drakkon an evil version of Tommy Oliver from a parallel universe.

Drakkon achieved this dream world where he was the top hero by accessing the Morphing Grid by stealing the Morphers of different Rangers. After the Mighty Morphin’ crew persuaded to stop this false charade the gang discovered things would go back to normal but the damage to the timeline had been done and somethings could not back how they were before.

So, that’s how things ended whilst the last few months has been filled with a tale of a bunch of ragtag Rangers lost deep in space and with Issue #40 the Mighty Morphin’ Rangers are back with a fresh story and the tease of the arrival of The White Ranger, Tommy’s second ranger form.

Power Rangers Shattered Grid Variant Cover

With all that we know, what do I think has changed or what will happen since the press for the book has promised a mega super duper shocking twist. I have a few theories I’ll float across.

My first one is that the relationship in the group will be changed, perhaps some characters have changed because of the timeline, maybe Kim is a goth or there’s been a falling out in the group it might be one of them is a double agent maybe Tommy is still under Rita’s spell or it could another ranger is under her control.

With the arrival of The White Ranger, the morpher may not even go to Tommy. In the parallel universe, Drakkon is from it was going to Jason. So maybe it goes to another ranger or maybe Matt from the Go Go Power Rangers series? Long shot it could be Ryan Steele from VR Troopers as a little nudge to how he was going to be revealed as the Gold Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo, or maybe that’s a real longshot.

In terms of the rest of the timeline, Tommy is killed by Drakkon in the Zeo era, could that change still exist? Maybe Jen from Timeforce has stuck around and did all of her teammates come back to life after they were wiped at the beginning of the story event?

It’s hard to tell but I am interested to see where things stand in this colorful world of robots, helmets and silly monsters.

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