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The Indie Fix: Purple

October is prime-time for the horror genre, but let’s be real; as great as the classics are, you can only play Silent Hill 2...

New Leaks Reveal Additional Fire Emblem Warriors Characters

A Japanese Twitch page recently leaked gameplay footage from Koei Tecmo's upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors for Nintendo Switch. Fans waiting for the games release...

Distrust Review – Inspired by Classics, All-new Horror

Distrust wears its influences on its sleeve. This isn't bad - John Carpenter's The Thing is a classic (it's remake, not so much) - what's not to love about Kurt Russell wielding a flamethrower? Considering The Thing already has a video game adaptation, it's impressive how much Distrust feels like the real spiritual successor to Carpenter's thriller.

Limited Edition Pokeball Themed New 2DS XL Coming November 3

Pokemon fans looking for news of UltraSun and UltraMoon were granted a surprise announcement during yesterday's Nintendo Direct. The company unveiled their Pokeball themed New 2DS XL, due for release on November 3 of this year.

Nintendo Announces Kirby Battle Royale, Coming In January

Amid Nintendo's slew of announcements earlier this week, Nintendo revealed the newest title for their pinkest, roundest mascot.

New Characters, Game Modes Revealed for Fire Emblem Warriors

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have added another character, Sakura, to Fire Emblem Warriors roster, as well as revealing a number of new game modes...

Hundreds Gather to Pay Tribute to Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem enthusiasts from around the world are undertaking the fandom’s largest group project to date. The Fire Emblem Compendium aims to gather fan...

HUGE Changes are Coming to Overwatch’s Mercy

Heroes never die... but they do undergo radical reconstructive surgery from time to time, and that's exactly what's happened in Overwatch to everyone's favourite...

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