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Weird is good

Weird or mainstream games?

I would argue that most gamers concentrate on the mainstream titles, due to their publicity, promised gameplay or because simply everyone else has them....
Multiple games

Tips on how to play multiple games at the same time

Often in our gaming lives we are overwhelmed with more than one game begging to be played. The reasons for this can be many,...
Gaming on vacations

A couple of thoughts about gaming on vacations

As a gamer I usually found myself taking with me at least one type of gaming console, mostly a handheld of some sort, with...

PlayStation Wants Your Feedback

Directly from the Fred Dutton, the SCEE Playstation Blog Manager comes a request for some feedback on all related Playstation web presence. To quote: Hey...

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

After renewing my Plus membership I came across the availability of Deus Ex: Human Revolution for free. Instantly, I was drawn to download it...
Playstation Network

PSN Game Store Update (18 July 2012)

Another update has surfaced at the PSN store and Plus members are in luck with two awesome titles for free (100% discount): - Lara Croft...

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