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Poet, nature enthusiast, sometimes activist. Avid gamer and curious explorer of technology.

Top Picks of Netflix: ‘The Killing’ (US)

It's six years old. For youngsters that would likely make it 'one of those old shows'. You can tell by the quality on screen...

Is ‘Beat Cop’ a Good Cop, or Bad Cop? – Review

Is 'Beat Cop' an indie winner? Or will it end up a bloody mess, cowering from the gaming mafia in a dingy alleyway.

Notflix – A Netflix Review of the BBC Crime Drama ‘River’

Having aired on BBC One back in 2015, it appeared on Netflix in later that very year - but is it worth a watch?
la treve the break netflix

Top Picks of Netflix: ‘La Treve’ or ‘The Break’

A new(ish) crime series from the heart of Belgium upends the dry repetitiveness of the tragic cop trope - a must watch on Netflix.
Lenovo Yoga Book

Six Months with the Lenovo Yoga Book: Review

Is the Lenovo Yoga Book the future of computing, or a stylish gimmick? I've spent a solid six months with this beautiful, unusual machine. Here are my impressions.
Stories Untold

Stories Untold Review

Who knew a text adventure brought out in 2017 could be so engaging! I was prepared for the worst. I'd made a run for the local supermarket before booting up Stories Untold and had filled the cupboard with feel good food. I figured if I became frustrated, I could calm myself with a velvet cupcake or a cool can of lager.
App Store

Why I’d Rather Pay than Pick Up a Free-to-Play Mobile Title

Paid titles offer the player a complete experience; one that is devoid of irritating popups encouraging the player to spend real money. I'm left wondering why anyone would pick up *free*-to-play titles.

Once Upon a Time there was a Modder who Fixed ‘Little...

A tale of good vs the evils of demonic PC ports - and the hero? Durante, of course! Read about XSEEDs attempts to defeat the bad PC port for 'Little King's Story' and their search for a hero to help them realise smooth framerates and solve stuttering issues.
Neo Atlas 1469

Neo ATLAS 1469 Review

First released in 2016 for the Playstation Vita, Neo ATLAS 1469 (developed by ARTDINK) has been ported across to PC and is now available on the ever illustrious Steam. It's a curious title; a blend of simulation, strategy and visual novel in which you manage a Portuguese Trading Company through the tumultuous waters of 15th Century Europe.
Dishonored 2 Karnaca

Reflections on Windows: Architecture and Place in Dishonored 2

Building an environment is no easy feat. An environment is not a ‘map’, it's a lived in space. It’s an area conscious of its context, a place that understands and supports the events that occur in its space. The best environments have history, they have story, and they have character. Which is why the standout character in Dishonored 2 isn’t human, nor beast. It’s the city, Karnaca.

Westworld and Death

Hopkins doesn't talk about death in the series, but it's an important theme lurking behind all the talk of artificial intelligence. Here's my view.

Year in Review: Games I Wish I’d Played in 2016

2016 was a cracking year for videogames - I only wish I had time to play all of them. Here are a few I've failed to find time to appreciate.
Christmas Gift

n3 Gift Guide – Some Suggested Stocking Gifts

EVeryone has gadgets nowadays - they're so commonplace and are becoming cheap enough to drop into a stocking. Most of these come under the handy/useful topic - because unnecessary gadgets are a complete waste of time and space.
A more modern inflection on the Liberty style

Dishonored 2 Review – And They Say Video Games Aren’t Art…

Seemingly infinite freedom in intricately crafted spaces helps propel this stunning sequel beyond the reaches of it's predecessor - but it's not perfect.
Pre-patch version of My Flat 2.0

My Flat 2.0 Review

The best game to come out this year - one you're never, ever going to get the chance to play.

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