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I am a freelance gaming journalist, composer, podcaster and general internet person. I also enjoy manga, sugary substances and a nice hot cup of tea.
Space Engineers

Space Engineers: We Have Tubes!

Another Space Engineers update! This week we got a fairly early, work in progress version of the conveyor system. At first I thought this would just be useful for sorting, but it actually has far more interesting and varied effects ranging from storage management, to safety, to defence.
Space Engineers

Space Engineers Update: Glass and Mass

Yes, it's time for another update to Space Engineers, this time we get one feature we have all been waiting for, and one that I hadn't really considered much but is actually incredibly useful.

Centration Alpha On Steam Early Access: You Should Wait.

Centration, a multiplayer sandbox game which boasts a dynamic airflow system and it's own scripting language which all computer applications within the game can run and be modified with, has recently been released on steam early access. Right now it is stated plainly that there is no real gameplay, however currently the site is experiencing issues registering an account (and thus allowing you to log into the game), and even if you can the server tool hasn't been added to everyone's steam yet.
Space Engineers

Space Engineers Gets Meteors And Piracy!

There is one thing that survival mode in Space Engineers was missing for me, one core feature that was required for a sustainable and long game; Resources. You can spawn 16 large asteroids, sure, and that is a LOT of resources, but it is still finite. One may, for example, squander all one's gold in order to build a 50ft golden penis statue (as one does in these games), and then you will have none left for making computers.
Space Engineers

Space Engineers Price Increase

I have gone on quite a bit about Space Engineers, and now it has reached that stage where the developers can justify raising the...

Fallout Who Vegas Gets a Second Trailer!

There is now the second half of the Fallout: Who Vegas demo trailer released! This episode shows some of the new features (and some...
space engineers

Space Engineers Goes Survival!

The in-development sandbox space engineering game Space Engineers has just gotten it's Survival Mode Update! Hooray! And only a short while after multiplayer was added, too! This is certainly good news for anyone who likes to play the game, such as myself.

Who Vegas Teaser Video Released

The folks behind Fallout Who Vegas, the Fallout: New Vegas Doctor Who mod which I've been focused on for...ages, have finally released the YouTube...

One Day Until Nothing To Hide Backing Campaign Finishes

Nothing To Hide is a truly disturbing game, not disturbing because of grotesque art (the art is actually quite pretty), or unpleasant sound effects...

Dysfunctional Systems Episode 2 and 3 Kickstarter

Dysfunctional Systems, the visual novel series by Dischan Media, had it's first episode released a little while back. I rather enjoyed it, with some interesting looks at morality, albeit with some rather odd contrivances in my opinion. All in all, an enjoyable experience, and now the kickstarter for the second and third episodes of the game series is being run. The kickstarter goal is $49,000 CAD (that would be Canadian Dollars), and the total is currently showing at $27,533 CAD at 504 with 19.

Fallout Who Vegas leaves development stage, gathers bug testers

The popular Fallout: New Vegas Doctor Who modification 'Fallout Who Vegas' recently left the main development stage of it's 'Wave Two' or '2.0' stage of development. This stage of development appears to have been pretty much a complete overhaul of everything previously in the mod. A short while ago the mod was pulled from the new Vegas nexus in order to prepare for it's new version release.
GameMaker Studio_ Fully configure your game for the app store through simple GUI (1)

GameMaker Studio Free until March 2nd

Game Maker Studio is a piece of game development software that has been around a while, and now it's free until March 2nd.

‘Fallout Who Vegas’ Releases More Teasers

It's no secret that I am a massive Doctor Who nerd, and Fallout Who Vegas is a mod that I have been following for a very long time. For those of you who've so far managed to remain uninformed about this mod, the idea is that it is a modification for Fallout New Vegas which adds elements from the Doctor Who universe, such as a TARDIS (the primary addition), sonic screwdrivers, and other such items.
project zomboid

Project Zomboid Goes Multiplayer. Multiplayer!

Project Zomboid, the isometric zombie survival game by The Indie Stone has been in development for a while now and while there has been a lot of support from the game itself being an Alpha funded title and available on Steam's Early Access giving players the chance to give feedback on the development of the game (with several modders becoming part of the team), a lot of people have been holding off on buying it because of two major features that were still yet to appear.
Steam Tags

Steam give players ability to report inappropriate tags

Recently Valve added a new Beta feature to the Steam client; Tags. The idea is to be able to tag games with less common search words and genres in order to help users find games they may not otherwise which they have a good chance of liking. When Aaron first wrote about the Steam Tags feature last week, he pointed out that people had already decided to abuse this system by making humorous and offensive tags for games. This obviously had to stop.

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