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Aaron is a bass player, gamer, and tech blogger. He's the founder and editor of n3rdabl3.com and has a soft spot for his wife, puppies, kittens, and gadgets. Also likes apostrophes a little too much.

Update | PolarFoxApp 1.0.3 Available for download now!

I recently mentioned the PolarFox app about a week ago and since my review I've been given the occasional updates about the development of...

Review | CoinKeeper: expense tracking.

Sometimes managing your money can be overwhelming, you can stare for hours at your bank statements but not get anywhere. Even if you have...

What’s happening to all of our photo apps?

We heard a few days ago that PicPlz has closed down which is terrible news also before that, Lightbox Photo had called it a...

Exclusive | Carmageddon is coming to our mobile devices!

The original pedestrian flattening game Carmageddon is coming to our smartphones and tablets this summer! Stainless Games are releasing a mobile version of the classic...

News | Bye bye PicPlz!

A little over a few hours ago I received the above email letting me know that my beloved pre-Instagram app was going for good...

Review | Zubhium

Developing an app is hard enough as it is, and trying to keep up with all of the crash reports and bug reports...

Uplink Review

Have you ever wanted to feel the rush and suspense of hacking into a high-security system, steal some encrypted software, delete the entry logs, and have only 30 seconds to do it without actually breaking the law and committing a crime? Well, now you can with Uplink!

Exclusive | LAD a new Android & iOS game preview.

  Here's a work in progress look at a new LIMBO-esque platformer that's coming soon to Android and iOS by Black Chair Games. The game...

App of the Week (27/05/2012) Astrid Task/To-do List (£free)

I've decided to cut down a little bit on the app of the week feature at the moment as I was almost running out...

Chin Up Review

If your looking for a tongue in cheek hilarious height gathering game then Chin Up by Touch Village is a new release onto iOS and Android platforms.

[Google] Today’s Google Doodle

Todays awesome playable Google Doodle is in celebration of Robert Moog's 78th birthday!I'm a huge fan of music, I play bass, guitar, and also...

Diction Review

There’s an abundance of word games in the mobile gaming market, some that keep you entertained, others that don’t, and this game stood out from the crowd flailing its arms.

I need your help!

I'm looking for some really good utility or productivity apps and it'd be great if you could suggest the apps that you use often....

Out with the old..

For a bloody long while now I've been itching to get a new phone, I've had the SGS for almost two years now and...
Invisible Bread

Featured Artist | Justin Boyd – Invisible Bread

Here's the first post of something I hope becomes a regular thing. I'm a big fan of digital art, street art, web comics, and...


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