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I am a video game lover to the core. I enjoy all types of games, mostly fantasy. Not a huge fan of sports games, but will give them a try every once and a while. I live in the UK but from the US. Went to Collins College for video game art and design and enjoyed every bit of it. That's all about me.

Fans of Boarderlands 2, New DLC Nowhere To Be Found

Fans of the Boarderlands Series might be a bit disappointed to hear that the second installment of the huge title might be sitting on theback burner for new DLC. Randy Pitchford stated that DLC for the title might not be on par with the first installment of the series. Granted that it's value will exceed the cost, at the same time gamers shouldn't have high expectations for the content.
Broken Sword

Revolution Software due to Release Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse This...

Looks like the fifth instalment of the Broken Sword series is set to release this year, according to Revolution's news update. It looks like the game will be approaching the "alpha" stage in the development process, and should be showing up on your local PC at the end of the year.

Goodbye Zune. Microsoft Closes it’s Doors on August 22

Everyone remembers the Microsoft Zune. When Microsoft released the Zune on November 14, 2006, supporters of the Microsoft world decided to put their iPods in closets and drawers and decided to pick up the new Microsoft Zune. When the Zune was purchased, buyers obtained a music subscription service known as, Zune Music Pass for video and music streaming.

Sadly, on August 22, Microsoft stated that they will be shutting their doors on the Microsoft music player. The switch from the "Microsoft Points" to local currencies caused for the shut down of the Zune marketplace.

Duke Nukem: Megaton Edition teased on PS Vita

Looks like the Duke is going to get a new lease on life with a new title set to release, Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition. There has not been a release date set for this game but the hopefully the team at Devolver Digital can step there game up, because we all know what happened to the last Duke Nukem. Yeah, it flopped.
Duck Tales Scrooge’s Loot

DuckTales Just For Canadians

Just when you though DuckTales was just going to get Remastered, Canada is get an exclusive just for them. DuckTales: Scrooge's Loot, for iOS is out now and currently making a big hit in Canada.
SimCity on Mac

SimCity Release for Mac

Everyone remembers SimCity. Well good news is on August 29, 2013, Mac will be receiving a digital release. Other good news is that the title will have a cross platform online gameplay with PC. Players will be able to jump back and forth between cities with friends.
4274TMNT ANNOUNCE Screenshots_1

TMNT: Out Of The Shadows is going to be awesome.

Fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be overjoyed with the upcoming TMNT game Out Of The Shadows. It's a typical beat-em-up like most of the other TMNT hits in the past and the big boys at Activision and the developers at Red Fly Studios will be releasing this hit August 28, 2013 for the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Steam. The price for the hit on the Xbox will be 1200 MSP.
Borderlands 2 Season Pass

A Second Season Pass Will NOT Be Seen On Borderlands 2

Gearbox has confirmed that a Second Season Pass will not be releasing for the smash RPG Shooter Borderlands 2. Gearbox told Polygon that they had been clear from the beginning that the Borderlands 2 season pass would consist of the first four add on campaigns, along with the games up and coming Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 and other DLC content will not be included in the Pass.

Playstation 4 Vs. Xbox One Recording Times

There was a bit of confusion when it comes to how much recording the PS4 and Xbox One will do during gameplay. Well now it's time to let the cat out of the bag.

Wii U, 3DS, and PC, Here comes Scribblenauts Unmasked

September 24 is the big day for the next release for the super-fun series Scribblenauts. Scribblenausts Unmasked will be coming to the Wii U, 3DS, and PC featuring DC characters that all of us comic book readers love.

New Prince of Persia announcement next week?

This was a piece of Information that was posted on the Prince of Persia Facebook page yesterday. What does it mean? No clue yet. A loyal reader of Gameinformer happened to spot this tid-bit of information on their page...
Prey 2

Prey 2 Cancelled?

No one is quite sure what the state is on Prey 2. Bethesda's PR Vice President Pete Hines made a few comments on the actions of Bethesda and the development process for this game. "You don't just keep throwing money at something or going down a path that you're not happy about," Hines explained. "You have to make tough choices. Again, when we have more info on it, we'll be happy to talk about it. That's what I can say for now." We know either Prey 2 is either on a major shift in production, or it could be cancelled all together.

Get Your Pants Scared Off With Daylight For PS4 In 2014

From the masterminds at Zombie Studios, comes a terrifying game, Daylight, set to release in 2014 for the PS4 and PC as a downloadable title. The publishers at Atlus gave gamers a bit of a teaser on June 6 and really scared the pants off of viewers who were brave enough to take a look at it. Zombie Studios, who also has Blacklight Retribution in the works, built this amazing scare fest on the Unreal Engine 4. Jessica Chobot, who is the voice of the main character, wrote the amazing story.
Telltale Games: The Walking Dead

‘400 Days DLC’ Has Been Spotted On Steam’s Database For The...

"400 Days" has shown up on Steam's database as DLC for the Award-Winning video game, The Walking Dead. The title for the content has been entered in as 'Walking Dead 400 Days DLC'. If you are wondering what the content is going to consist of, Telltale posted three short clips on Vine showing a bit of a teaser on the database. The unannounced add-on seemed to have popped up on the database last night, as reported by IGN, and in its appearance, it seems to feature a trio of new characters.
Prey 2

Prey 2 being remade by the Dishonored dev team?

It seems that Arkane Austin (developers behind Dishonored) have taken the reigns of the up and coming game, Prey. The game supposedly has a release date of 2016, but not by choice. They allegedly have taken all the work that Human Head had done and restarting the whole project from scratch courtesy of Bethesda.

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