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Just a typical 26 Year-old guy coming to your computer screen from Denver, Colorado. Loves pancakes, gaming, Xbox fanatic, PS4 enthusiast, and slave to the machine. Got a problem? Please don't get violent, I'm fragile. Play me on Xbox/PS4/Steam! - LordBoxington
Screencheat title

Screencheat Review

Despite it's entertainment value and uniqueness, the bigger feeling this game gives off is one of tired repetition.
Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six Siege gets major update on PC and Console

There's been a couple updates for players and issues raised by the community at large for Rainbow Six: Siege since release.

Kickstarter Project LMcable is Bringing Lightning and microUSB Together

In the market of cell phone accessories, there's a very large chasm of third party charging cables - some really good, some really, really bad.
rocket league

Rocket League gets Full Retail Release Window

If someone re-wrote The Little Engine that Could, but replaced the train with a battle-car from Rocket League, it would become even more inspirational.

Firewatch on PS4 is Having Issues, Developer says Fixes on the...

Campo Santo's first game Firewatch just recently launched on February 9th on PC and PS4, and players are already reportedly finding some game-breaking issues in the game, particularly in the frame rate department.
Data Cocktail

Data Cocktail will get you Drunk off your Tweets

Every time I tweet, I usually just assume it's a meaningless string of connected letters that are vaulted out into the infinite ether that is the internet - and that's usually true, until now.
Tom Clancy’s The Division™ Beta

New Division Open Beta to Include new Features and Fixes

Tom Clancy's The Division beta opened up a few days ago, and Ubisoft is already putting new data into their upcoming title based off of feedback.
Overwatch cover

Overwatch beta is back on February 9th

After having more than a million hours of the Overwatch beta played already, Blizzard recently announced on Battle.net that the closed beta would return starting February 9th.

GoPro halting sales of half its camera line in April

With six cameras currently in their lineup, GoPro will be phasing out three of them by April of this year.

Unlock More Dying Light Goodies with a Mobile Game

TechLand and GameResort's latest games, Dying Light and Stupid Zombies 3, respectively, are now bound by more than just the need to murder the undead.

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Review

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human is a pixelated, 2D, side scrolling, Metroidvania style game, that depends on the curiosity and bullish determination of only the most hardened player to advance it's story and expose it's many hidden creatures.

Facebook Taking Closer Aim at YouTube in Latest Earnings Call

Facebook had it's Q4 earnings call yesterday, and it was a doozy.

Here’s your Games with Gold for February

The lineup for Xbox's February games was finally revealed by Xbox's Larry Hryb, AKA: Major Nelson.

TRON RUN/r gets Release Date for all Platforms

On February 16th, TRON RUN/r will launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One digitally at a $20 price point.

Star Wars: Episode VIII Delayed until Late 2017

In a post on the Star Wars official website, the next installment in the main films, Star Wars: Episode VIII, will be seeing a late 2017 release.

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