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I'm a young new journalist with a caffeine addiction and a degree in Computer Games Design. I love Hearthstone, Dota 2 and Nintendo games!
watch paint dry

Someone Managed to Sneak a Paint Drying Simulator onto Steam

An security exploit in Steam's database, which allowed any user to release their game onto Steam for free, has now been patched by Valve...

Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods Round Up – Part 2

Hello again Hearthstoners, we're back again to look at more of the cards from the upcoming expansion "Whispers of the Old Gods"! Hold onto your tentacles and lets have a look.

Miitomo Website removes March Release Date

Nintendo's first official Smartphone app has seen a great launch in Japan earlier this month and was expected be seen in the rest of the world in March as well. Well that ship seems to have sailed now with the removal of any mentions of the original march release from the website...

Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods Round Up – Part 1

Welcome to our Hearthstone card round-up. In this little feature we'll be looking at the recently revealed Hearthstone cards for the upcoming "Whispers of the Old Gods" expansion and taking a look at their potential impact on the meta.

Here’s the Full Launch Lineup for the Oculus Rift

In the wake of the PSVR price and date announcement, Oculus have revealed their full lineup games which will be available from day one when the VR headset launches on the 28th of this month. These 30 games will be available on day one in the store of Oculus Home, the headset's hub, which acts as a launcher for the games...

The Hearthstone 4.2.0 Patch is Here

Boot up Battle.net, one of the most anticipated patches for Hearthstone is here! Finally Blizzard has given into the community and added something they have been asking for: more deck slots!
Zero Time Dilemma Key Art

Zero Escape 3’s Penultimate Participant has Been Revealed

Participant 8, a character in the upcoming third entry in the Zero Escape series, has been revealed on game's pseudo in-world twitter account.
R Mika

Modder Re-Enables Controversial Butt-Slap in Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V has only been out for a day and people have already managed to mod the game to reverse a controversial change to one R. Mika's moves. The original version of her Super from the game's early Beta (in which she teams up with her wrestling partner Nadeshiko to finish off her opponent) she would be shown slapping her rear-end and taunting her rival.

More Free Content on the Horizon for Battlefront

While some have been feeling that Star Wars Battlefront launched with a lack of content (no dedicated singleplayer notably) a recent post on the EA Star Wars website is telling a tale of upcoming free DLC...
Fallout 4 Feature Title

Fallout 4’s Script Extender is Already Out

The modding scene surrounding Bethesda's games is one of the largest on-going at the moment. Thanks, largely, to the support that Bethesda gives the community. However the community also have created some of their own tools which have helped shape the modding scene, namely: Script Extenders...
Atomic Command

Bethesda Stealthly Releases the Pip-Boy App

One of the selling points of the Fallout 4 Pip-boy Edition is the fact that by placing your smart phone into the titular Pip-boy you emulate the in-game tool. To achieve this Bethesda said that they would be releasing an app to connect to the game to enable this clever functionality. Yesterday they released it on to Google Play, iOS app store, and as of today, the Windows Store.

Bethesda Shows off what’s in “The Art of Fallout 4”

Bethesda have given us a sneak peek at the upcoming book "The Art of Fallout 4", which is set to be released after the game's launch on December 22nd...

PS4 3.10 Update Live Today

While not much to go on, PlayStation Europe tweeted this morning that the 3.10 System update is coming today for PS4 owners...

Blizzard Kills Hearthstone’s “Patron Warrior” Deck

Since the release of the second Hearthstone adventure, Blackrock Mountain, one of the most popular decks in Blizzard’s Hearthstone has been “Patron Warrior”. Now after much outcry from the community they have managed to kill the deck by changing a single card in next week’s patch...

A Look at the Fall 2015 DOTA 2 Majors Compendium

After the end of The International 5, Valve’s own big DOTA 2 tournament, they announced that they would be expanding to several official tournaments throughout the year in the form majors around the world. They have just released the compendium for the event, containing rewards for those purchase it...

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