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Dale is a gamer, writer, baker and all-round geek. While he hearts his Xbox One he's known to cheat on it occasionally with a host of other consoles - our little secret - and he's recently developed an unhealthy obsession with Overwatch.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Review

Yonder, the flagship game from Australia-based studio Prideful Sloth, hits almost every mark a game of its genre should. Set on the island of...
the indie fix 2

The Indie Fix: How to Make Your Grandpa Happy

Welcome to The Indie Fix, where we delve into the exciting world of indie gaming to have a gander at promising works in progress,...

Cars 3: Driven to Win Review

Cars as a franchise may be getting a little staid now, with many reviews suggesting the latest movie instalment is nothing to write home...

Hands-on With Monster Hunter Stories

Almost a year after Monster Hunter Stories launched in Japan we’re finally set to get our hands on it in Europe in a few weeks’ time (8 September to be exact). I got to spend some time with Stories at Hyper Japan Festival 2017 and it charmed the pants of me (not literally).

Hands-on with Pokken Tournament Deluxe

Pokken has been around for a while now, first releasing for the Wii U in March 2016. Pokken Tournament Deluxe is an upgraded port of the original game for the Nintendo Switch and I got to try it out at Hyper Japan Festival 2017 in London this past weekend.

First Impressions: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

I spent Saturday morning racing to East London for the Hyper Japan Festival 2017. The festival is always a blast but the real reason...

A Day at Hyper Japan 2017

For those of you that don’t know, Hyper Japan is a J-culture festival held in London annually. It has branched out in recent years...

First Impressions: Super Mario Odyssey

At the Hyper Japan Festival 2017 this weekend I got the chance to play ten minutes of Super Mario Odyssey. Okay, okay it’s not...

Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Trailer Leaks

As has come to be expected of new entries into the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty WW2 (releasing later this year) will...
the indie fix 2

The Indie Fix: Causeway

The concept of a walking simulator is taken to its most extreme application in Causeway – in the best possible sense. It’s a beautiful...
Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO Event Coming to Chester

Locations all over the city of Chester in the UK will become PokéStops for the upcoming Chester Heritage Festival to be held from July...
Nintendo Switch Logo

Nintendo Switch App Launches July 21

The Nintendo Switch smartphone app which will be used for online communication will be available on July 21, the same day that Splatoon 2 releases for the console.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Patch Adds Ultra Hard Mode

PlayStation 4’s popular new game, Horizon Zero Dawn, has received a sizeable update today which added some addition features to the game.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Review

21 years after our favourite quirky marsupial crashed his way onto our screens (see what I did there?) the original Crash Bandicoot trilogy has been remastered. Once you get your head around the fact that it has been 21 years since the first game released then you should read on to find out the verdict.

Crossout Hits The 3 Million Player Milestone in a Month

Crossout, the free to play post-apocalyptic MMO has hit three million players despite releasing less than a month ago. The game see players construct their own post-apocalytic vehicles and battle in PvP combat.

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