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Dale is a gamer, writer, baker and all-round geek. While he hearts his Xbox One he's known to cheat on it occasionally with a host of other consoles - our little secret - and he's recently developed an unhealthy obsession with Overwatch.

Baboon! Review

In Baboon! you play as Tumbili (great name). Your grandpa, Mumbili (greater name), needs your help because a group of bandit bees known as...

Trust in Technology Sector to Handle Data Responsibly is at Rock...

Only six percent of the public trust businesses in the technology sector to handle their personal data responsibly. Research from the Chartered Institute of Marketing showed that trust in the industry is much lower than other sectors such as financial services (34 percent) and healthcare (25 percent).

The Most Memorable NPCs in Gaming History

Talion, Crash Bandicoot, Lara Croft and many more. The main characters in video games get all the credit. But what about those fleeting NPCs that support our heroes?

Tencent Could have the Next Big Steam Competitor

Chinese corporation Tencent is rebranding the Tencent Gaming Platform (TGP) to “WeGame”. WeGame will support international users and could be the first major competitor...

Payday 2 is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

For those of you that haven't played it yet, Payday 2 is a first person shooter in which you and a team of criminals...

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Video Shows New Environment

New gameplay footage from Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, the sequel to Shadow of Mordor, shows the human city of Minas Ithil and similar gameplay to the original...

New Pokemon coming to Sun and Moon

A new mythical Pokemon, Marshadow, is coming to Pokemon Sun and Moon but you won't be able to catch it in normal gameplay. Nintendo have so...

n3rdabl3 Research Shows Sequels Aren’t All Bad

One of the things that has always fascinated me is how much people hate on sequels. In all fairness, I get why people do it. I've...

Get Out Review

Get Out starts a little like a rom-com. Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) packs his bags for a weekend at new girlfriend Rose's (Allison Williams) parents place. It's young love, and the first time Chris will be introduced to Rose's family.

BioWare Acknowledges Issue with Portrayal of Transgender Character

BioWare are making changes to Mass Effect: Andromeda NPC Hainly Abrams following feedback from the game's community.   When the playable character meets Hainly, a transgender woman, she immediately divulges...

Procedurally Generated Action RPG Songbringer Announced, Gameplay Demo Unveiled

You're Roq, a shirtless carefree dude just cruising the galaxy on his spaceship, Songbringer, in search of the ultimate party. You accidentally wake an ancient...

Overwatch Comic adds to Speculation of Upcoming In-game Event

The newest Overwatch comic, ‘Uprising’, is set seven years in the past and adds more lore to the popular shooter.

Overwatch Could have Had a Cat in a Jetpack Hero…

Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan revealed that a cat in a jetpack was a strong contender for a place in the character roster during the game's development.

SwitchCharge Fixes Two Major Problems with the Nintendo Switch

Available on IndieGoGo, the SwitchCharge hopes to fix two big problems with the Nintendo Switch, the terrible battery life, and the flimsy kickstand.

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