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Attack on Titan Season 2 Starts This Saturday

Polish your 3D manoeuvre gear and manoeuvre your ass to the sofa on April 1st because Attack on Titan is back! It's been 4 years since the franchise first hit the Internet so this old friend is more than welcome to visit. Here, take my spare key. Make yourself a sandwich why don't you? In fact, you can sleep in my bed. I'll take the floor.

Un’Goro Expedition Diary: Chapter 2

Due to weather conditions the likes of which I have never come across, me and the team decided not to brave the wilds in...

5 Players to Watch at SFV ELEAGUE

It's going down boys and girls. Monday 27th ET. Palms will be sweaty and there'll be vomit on sweaters already. Possibly due to Mom's...

Sacred Fire Gameplay Teaser Revealed

Attention RPG fans! There's something new on the horizon thanks to the efforts of Poetic Studio - an independent developer from Slovakia. The game they're conjuring is called Sacred Fire and has been dubbed a Psycological RPG. A term that's definitely new to my ears but has piqued my interest.

Un’Goro Expedition Diary: Chapter 1

Grab your cutlass and sharpen your wit! Our patience has been rewarded and the journey into Un’Goro is finally underway! Elise and her peers aren’t the only ones on this voyage, as we; the n3 Enterprise will also be roaming these new realms, reporting our findings and sharing our personal thoughts on the new organisms we come across.

Game of Thrones Season 7 is Upon us

It's that time of year again. The excitement grows, the rumors tremble and all the fan theorists are crowned as gods or frauds of the realm. HBO put together a rather creative live event which asked fans to do the only other thing that's as boring as watching grass grow. Yep.. melting ice.

Who to Watch at Final Round 20

Long running Fighting Game Tournament Final Round kicks off this weekend. And yes, the number "20" does indeed indicate that the series has gone on for 20 years! Orchestrated by community veteran Larry "Shin Blanka" Dixon and his dedicated team, the event will be running over 16 games and doubles up as the first Capcom Pro Tour Premier Event.

Logan Spoiler Review

Oh Logan. You had me intrigued from the moment I laid eyes on your beard. That forest of animal fur strapped around your chin...

Eddy Gordo Joins the Fight in Tekken 7

Tekken fans rejoice! Eddy Gordo, the flashy Capoeira practitioner will be making a welcomed return to the universe. Popular for his unique style and engaging backstory, Eddy was the first character to popularize the Brazilian martial art in fighting games.

WarGroove is Advance Wars’ Little Brother

Nintendo's been tossing out trailers left and right recently with the Switch due out very soon. There's a lot of promising looking stuff and it seems Nintendo are making an effort to have much more indie support on this new platform. But the game that's got me shaking my ass is none other than WarGroove -- a blast from the past for all the Game Boy Advance enthusiasts out there.

Journey to UnGoro is The New Hearthstone Expansion

It's officially official! Journey to Un'goro is the name of the next Hearthstone expansion! If you're like me and was aware of the leak from a couple weeks ago then you're probably not surprised at this reveal but damn it, it's new cards man. Be excited!

Capcom Pro Tour 2017 Details Revealed

Holy moly! Capcom has entered the fray with this years Pro Tour details and it's looking pretty spicy. Some key changes have been made...

Pokémon 2017 World Championships Set for August

Get your balls ready! That's right, this years Pokémon World Championships is coming August 18-20. Over 2000 people gathered for last years event, half of which came strictly to experience real life random battles and compete in the tournament.

Final Fantasy 15 Expansion Rumoured to be Announced at E3

According to the supposed leak, Square will be announcing an expansion for Final Fantasy XV at E3 this year, called 'World of Versus'

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