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Moto X Confirmed To Get The Android L Update

Motorola has finally confirmed that the Moto X will update to Android L, the next version of Android expected later this year. It's been fairly difficult to tell whether the Moto X and Moto G will be getting Android L thanks to an unofficial Facebook page for Motorola Germany announcing that they would be getting the updates, which was then denied by the real Motorola.

Samsungs Kids Store Now Safer and Bigger With Parental Controls

Samsung have announced that they have made their Kids Store safer. Available on both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Tab S, the Kids Store now gives more control to parents and boasts over 900 kid-safe apps to choose from.
Nokia Lumia 930 Launch “One Experience” At The Cornbury Music Festivalvideo

Nokia Lumia 930 Displays “One Experience” for Families

Nokia have shown off the Lumia 930 as an all-round family fun phone. At this years Corbury Music Festival, they filmed thousands of people...

LG G Watch Charging Points Could Cause Injury To Users

LG is going to have to take another look at their G Watch after reports have starting to come in saying that there is...

What Would You Do With A Terabyte Of Phone Memory?!

Remember the days where you were a favourite among your friends because you had snake on your mobile phone? Before the turn of the...

NVIDIA SHIELD Available for Pre-order – Stream Your PC Games Where...

So the rumours were true. The NVIDIA® SHIELD™ tablet, specifically designed for gamers, has officially been announced and with a lot more going on...

Netflix Plans Global Domination

Netflix have hit over 50 Million customers internationally to make them one of the largest internet broadcast companies in the world. With all of...

Facebook Oculus Deal Has Officially Closed

Well it’s Facebook Official! Facebook officially closed the deal with Oculus and are now proud to own an exciting new venture for them. The...

Save it for Later – Facebooks New Features So You Don’t...

Save it for later! That’s the new idea behind Facebook's new feature. Available on all forms of Facebook whether it’s android, iOS or on...

Motorola Moto G2 Leaked Specs

Leaked information has identified some of the new features that can be looked forward to with the Motorola Moto G2. After the Moto G was the ultimate save for Motorola in the UK for releasing an affordable smartphone with good capabilities to do everything that you would like a smart phone to do...
first gen ipad

Look Out, You Could be Allergic to iPads!

An eleven-year-old American has been diagnosed with a Nickel allergy as a result of playing with a first generation iPad. This news comes from a report published in the American Journal of Paediatrics which suggests that Nickel, usually found within computers, tablets, and smartphones has caused this allergic reaction.
Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Are Working on Wearable Tech for the Blind.

According to reports, Microsoft is carrying out secret tests on a new wearable product for the blind and visually impaired. The device, which has been described by The Sunday Times as looking like an Alice band, is expected to help people by describing their surroundings to them.

Worms: Battlegrounds Review – Incoming!

So what do you really want from a game when you have had a long day at school or work and all you want to do is sit down on a comfy sofa and relax? To put in a small amount of effort? Heavy artillery? WORMS? Well if the answer to all of these is yes then Worms: Battleground will be your ideal game!

MindRDR, The New Google Glass App That Will Blow Your Mind!

After just getting used to the idea that you can have a wearable like Google Glass which has taken the world by storm at it futuristic technology, today sees the release of a new app that will allow you to control Google Glass with your mind!
Xbox Promo

Microsoft Offers a $75 Incentive for Users to Upgrade from the...

“Thanks for being an Xbox Fan” is the message that some people in US states are receiving on their Xbox 360s when they log on to play. As discovered by NeoGaf user, Microsoft is offering a promotional deal to current Xbox 360 owners where if they upgrade to an Xbox One in July, they will receive a free $75 Xbox promotional code to use on the Xbox Store.

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