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Lumia 930 Will Compete with the High Rollers from 17th July

Microsoft have officially confirmed that the Nokia Lumia 930 will be released in the UK from July 17 in a multitude of colours. The new flagship phone is expected to play well in competition with the likes of Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2, LG G3 and HTC One M8.
Samsung Logo

Samsung Announce new Affordable Smartphones in the Galaxy Range

Samsung have announced today three new phones in the Galaxy range which are functional and affordable. The Galaxy Trend 2, Galaxy Young 2 and Galaxy Core 2.

In an aim to compete with not just Motorola’s Moto G, but also other mobile devices that are coming out on the market, that have been specifically designed to be affordable and practical Android phone, Samsung have delivered three!
Galaxy S5 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Confirmed Release This Month

For all of those people who just want to have a phone that they can use with one hand, here it is. Samsung Electronics have finally announced the official release of the Galaxy S5 Mini. With almost all of the same features as the Galaxy S5, the mini is designed so that those who only want to use one hand to operate their phone are able to feel much more comfortable with it.

What Will Happen to Nintendo?

Climbing ladders and dodging barrels rolling down a ramp was a favourite pastime as a kid for many. Donkey Kong was one of Nintendo's first releases that people remember back in 1981.

Since then, Nintendo have managed to release six consoles and eight versions of handheld consoles selling more than 669 million units in total and over 4.2 billion video games. But is the legacy of Nintendo coming to an end against its competition of today?
One Drive

Microsoft OneDrive More than Doubles Users Free Space

Microsoft have announce that they will be more than doubling the free storage of user’s allowance. They have increased the free allowance from 7GB to a huge 15GB after their research showed that ¾ of people use less than the average of 15GB memory on their Home PC.
Moto G

Motorola Moto G With 4G Available Now In The UK

The Motorola Moto G with 4G capability is on sale now at Phones4U, 6 days before everywhere else in the UK. As of today, you can go into their store or onto their website to buythe 4G version of the phone which saved Motorola in the UK.

Oculus Rift Founder Hints At Whats To Come

E3 last week showed many new and exciting events and things to come in the gaming world and Oculus Rift were part of that. In an interview with LinusTechTips, Palmer Luckey, founder of the Oculus Rift explained that there is still much more to be seen from the Virtual Reality (VR) headset.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 “Confirmed” to have QHD Display

According to a leaked report on Samsung UAProf site, the previous rumours about the Samsung Galazy Note 4 have been confirmed. The Galaxy Note 4 will support a 5.7 inch QHD display.

EE May Stop Supplying to Carphone Warehouse and Phone4U

EE may stop selling through Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U as they are looking at new ways to increase their customer service. It has been reported by The Telegraph that the Deputy Chief Executive of Orange, part of EE, has pushed to “get rid” of third party retailers such as Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U.
Sentry Eye Tracker

SteelSeries’ Sentry Eye Tracker Will Train Competitive Gamers

SteelSeries have today announced not only one but two new reveals ahead of E3 which starts later today. A new training device for competitor gamers, the Sentry Eye Tracker, is expected to be released later this year.
iOS controller

New iOS Controller Unveiled by SteelSeries

Ahead of the E3, SteelSeries, have unveiled a new controller for iOS, the Stratus XL. SteelSeries are a leading manufacturer gaming equipment from headsets, keyboards and mice to controllers and software and already have a large range of gaming equipment available.
Metal iOS 8

WWDC 2014: ‘Metal’ will Boost Gaming on iOS 8

Using Metal will give developers a chance to condense Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) overheads which means that they will have more free rain with the hardware to really get down and dirty with it rather than just scratching the surface.
DuckDuckGo Main

DuckDuckGo – A New Search Engine To Respect Your Privacy on...

Apple will now be offering a new alternative to Google search on their devices running the recently announced OS, iOS 8 later this fall. With Google now being a large competition for Apple, the company have invested in a search engine that is really only just getting started, DuckDuckGo.
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Samsung Unveil The Samsung Galaxy W, Would You Own A 7″...

Samsung have officially launched the largest phablet yet, The Samsung Galaxy W. The Galaxy W supports a massive 7-inch screen and is capable of making calls. However, the device will only be released in Korea, the home of Samsung.

Games with Gold 1st Anniversary Presents Amazing Games to Celebrate

As part of the first anniversary of Games with Gold, Microsoft have listened to what we want and have finally made the change. This month’s...

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