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Valkyria Revolution Set for Launch This June

Need another Japanese RPG? Of course you do, and this one stems from the popular Valkyria franchise.

Destiny Sequel is Now “Official”

Today in the "totally not surprised, we knew about it" news section, we have a pointless confirmation of a game that everyone and their...

Power Rangers Review – It’s Morphin’ Time

The Power Rangers movie is finally here. For the first time, we have the full cast of original characters Jason, Kimberly, Zack, Trini and...

New Trailer for Injustice 2 Reveals New Character

A new trailer showing off part three of the Shattered Alliances line of trailers has given us the next fighter added to the DC fighting game. Black Adam is gracing the roster with his presence and is shown fighting Supergirl as we dig deeper into her story.

Holobunnies: Pause Café Launches on Steam and itch.io

A new indie game from q-bit Games has a great chance of covering a genre you're interested and the best news is, it's available...

Pokemon GO Celebrates Water Festival Starting Today

Don't know what a "water festival" is? Didn't know one even existed? Yeah, neither have we. But today Niantic Inc. announced that for the next week trainers will be more likely to run into Water-type Pokemon.

Loot Rascals Review – Repetition Overload

Loot Rascals pits you in a space theme park on a mission to rescue your friend, Big Barry. Contact with Big Barry has been lost and it’s your job to see what the deal is, however, on your way your ship crash lands on the alien planet that has been overtaken by a slew of baddies. To save Big Barry and restore order to the space theme park, you’ll need to travel across the five randomly generated areas and take out the ‘Rascals’ you come across.

New Overwatch Hero, Orisa, Goes Live Today

Later today Overwatch's newest hero will be added to all three platformers: PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Typically, in the past, patches go live around 7 pm GMT (3 pm EST).

Male Gamers Feel Neglected by Gaming Partners, Study Shows

Finding a partner who shares similar interests with you makes a relationship feel stronger. Whether that be sports interests, liking the same music or playing video games, but typically sharing a hobby with someone helps you connect better. Unless you're a male gamer with a partner who also games regularly, according to a new study. It should be noted that the study reflects gamers in the UK.

Outlast 2 Banned in Australia, Here’s Why

Red Barrels had just revealed it is releasing Outlast 2 on April 25 and today we have learned the game has been denied classification. Australia's Classification...

Capcom Brings Back Retro Disney Classics

Capcom is bringing back some of your favourite characters from the 80s and 90s, hitting them with the 1080p HD treatment and delivering them to your home console or PC. The publisher announced today The Disney Afternoon Collection, a collection featuring six games that long-time Disney fans can enjoy.

Ubisoft Brings the Ban Hammer Down in For Honor

On Reddit, the For Honor team has made an official statement in regards to AFK Farming. They announced that they have banned around 1,500 players for three days and 4,000 AFK Farmers have received warnings for such activity.

PSA: Mass Effect Andromeda Trial Beings Tomorrow for EA Subscribers

Attention all EA and Origin Access subscribers, your early access to one of this year’s hottest titles starts tomorrow, March 16. EA is giving you 10 hours to spend with Mass Effect Andromeda a few days before the game launches next week.

Tera Coming to Xbox One and PS4 Later this Year

En Masse Entertainment is bringing their free to play MMORPG to home consoles later this year. Tera, the successful True Action Combat MMORPG will...

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