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Nintendo Switch with Red and Blue JoyCons

Best Nintendo Switch Headsets

If you have a Nintendo Switch, then you also want the best accessories and gadgets available. Having an awesome headset that can provide better...
oculus rift

The Biggest Gaming Trends to Watch out for in 2017

For most gamers, particularly those on the PlayStation 4 console, 2016 was an especially memorable year; the PS4 Pro made its debut, and so did the PS VR virtual reality gaming headset, while a swath of exiting gaming titles were also released.

Spectator Esports: Can Casual Gamers Be Hardcore Fans?

Spectator sport is a term often used to describe games like baseball, soccer, and basketball. It’s a relatively simple idea -- these are games...

How Virtual Reality is set to Transform Mobile Gambling as the...

Virtual Reality is the biggest technological trend of 2016 and as more devices are launched and hardware prices are driven down, many businesses are looking to capitalise on VR going mainstream.
star wars clone wars (1)

TV Series-To-Video Game Adaptations Done Right

In the world of gaming, there are certain constants that you can rely on to never really change aside from a few notable exceptions. One of them, without question, is the fact that video games based on television shows generally, well, suck. And that's putting it lightly.
Mimecast Logo

Guest Post: Mimecast’s Exchange Migration Explained

Mimecast supplies unique services for companies that wish to migrate their Exchange email systems to newer platforms. They also offer a comprehensive management solution for the complete administration of your firm’s Email resources. Let’s delve in to some of the key areas of the Mimecast experience such as the migration from Exchange to Office 365, Security and their Unified Email Management solution.

Why Should You Invest in an Email Archiving System for Your...

With more of us working on the move and using our mobiles and tablets to access essential information, email management on mobiles is becoming increasingly important. As we rely on our smartphones to keep us in touch with both our personal and work worlds, so there is a greater need for sophisticated and unified email management systems to keep our messages secure from threats, safely stored for future reference and compliant with corporate regulations. So what's the best way to get peace of mind on email on the move?

2014’s Rumoured New Phone Releases

Even though they might not be sitting under your Christmas tree just yet, thoughts are already turning to the shiny new phones that will be released in 2014. With competition between the major brands so high, it's a good time to be in the market for a new smartphone, and whether you're looking at pay monthly phones or pay-as-you-go, the choice will be dizzying.

Why are People using Fake Followers?

I like to use social media and would use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram everyday even if it is just to check out how my posts are being viewed or what everyone else is posting. There have been some internet stories recently about how some businesses are manipulating the statistics that many people use to judge how popular something is. Yes we are sheeple and I will admit that I like to follow the crowd re-tweeting popular things that I see and liking or following posts or accounts that say something profound or make me chuckle.

The Mobile Gaming Revolution

The mobile gaming industry has experienced a significant boost over recent years, with the advancement in smartphone and tablet technology and the increasing sophistication of app titles. With such a vast rise in popularity, the mobile platform is changing the way gamers interact with titles, and putting other more traditional game devices under threat.

The Rise of the Colourful Smartphone

This guest post was written by Stefanie Keeling of Phones 4u – home of the best contract deals and #projectupgrade.

Gone are the days when a mobile phone was purely a functional, business-like device awash in a sea of monochrome metal. Today, as smartphones become an extension of who we are, the varying shades of grey are now being replaced with a rainbow of colourful handsets.

As well as the advancing technological capabilities of the latest mobile devices, how a phone looks is now just as important, with many manufacturers taking heed of this colourful revolution.

The PlayStation 4, A Lesson Learned?

This is a sponsored post by About the author: Nick Hughes is a keen technology enthusiast from Leeds that specialises in computer assisted design. Nick often writes blog posts and regularly comments on the industry. This article was produced on behalf of Device Hospital.

When Sony decided to invest heavily in its R&D department, it was a bold gamble; a gamble that has paid off time and time again for tech companies but has also virtually bankrupted them. Nokia for a long time insisted on us using their proprietary charging systems, and their Symbian OS (does Symbian still exist?). This stubbornness put them on their knees as better, more popular OS’s and hardware became available. They were more compatible too with systems like Android; even Windows phones were just about holding their own with their offering. There are also times when going proprietary has worked out, take Apple, one of their philosophies is to make as much of its own hardware as possible. Its software was proprietary too. Apple very nearly disappeared into obscurity but now it is one of the most cash rich and valuable companies in existence, and possibly in history...

Smartphone Accessories: The money-makers

As the number of smartphone users continues to grow rapidly across the globe, more manufacturers are starting to turn their attention to creating innovative mobile accessories to make their wares stand out from the hugely competitive market.

Smartphone accessories are no longer limited to protecting handsets and there’s a wealth of items on sale. Accessories can now do everything from expressing one’s identity and fashion to extending all the functions and values of a mobile phone beyond their usual realms.
The Dark Knight

How the Dark Knight Rises Made Batman Games Popular Again

For many children, the character Batman is a part of their earliest memories. They watched the television cartoon on Saturday mornings, poured over Batman comics and watched the...
PC Obesity

Guest Post | Fighting PC Obesity

About the guest blogger: Larry Heart is a tech blogger and web marketing consultant. He believes, that creativity is most powerful thing in the Web...

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