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The Last Of Us Getting “New Difficulty Setting” in Third DLC...

With the latest add-on for The Last of Us still fishing in more and more downloads by the day, it hasn't even been a month since we saw the release of Left Behind and Naughty Dog have already issued out details about the game's third expansion pack...
Twitch Plays Pokémon End

Twitch Plays Pokémon Beats Red, New Adventure on Sunday!

Like a flash-mob raiding an arcade, the chaotic and surprisingly progressive crowd-play event Twitch Plays Pokemon has came to a close. Thousands of players took to the stream to throw their united strength against the Elite Four in Pokémon Red, finally finishing the game after 16 days of constant gameplay and gathering over 35 million views in the process.

Abbey Games Announce New Turn-Based Title “Renowned Explorers”

Those of you who recall the fairly popular 2D god game Reus, may be aware of traditional video game developer Abbey Games who brought us the title back in May last year, well it seems we can anticipate yet another witty slice of fun as Abbey Games have revealed their latest project: Renowned Explorers - International Society.

Eugen Systems Show New “Wargame: Red Dragon” Trailer

R.U.S.E developer Eugen Systems has pushed out a rather appealing trailer for their latest addition to their real-time strategy product line, Wargame: Red Dragon, which primarily showcases the game's organisation, interface and coalitions available for play, as well as dropping a little hint as to why exactly you'll be taking command of a battalion of tanks and sending out a fleet of choppers.
xbox chrome controllers

Xbox 360: More Limited Edition Controllers on the Way

With probably the most endorsed collection of cosmetic gamepad upgrades, Microsoft will be shipping out even more flashy plastic for the Xbox 360 (yes, only the Xbox 360) this March; and when we say flashy, we mean more chrome.

Grand Theft Auto V: Chances of a PC Port are Distant...

Since its release in September on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, many fans and followers of Rockstar's latest title Grand Theft Auto V have...

Grand Theft Auto V Single Player DLC Rumoured To Offer “More...

This past December we heard word of a potential single-player expansion for one of the most anticipated games of 2013, Grand Theft Auto V - since then we've been intercepting several rumours and interpretations of just what exactly this add-on could deliver to us considering it will be the first and as of yet only confirmed expansion to the game's narrative.
project zero

Australia Redefines the “Live-Action Zombies” Trend

You've heard of zombies, your nan's heard of zombies, your children are going to hear about zombies, the kid getting paid £4.80 an hour down at your local cinema is bored of zombies, the world is thoroughly aware that zombies exist in the fantastically diseased world of contemporary apocalypse-themed cinema - until now it seems.

We Saw It Coming… MGSV’s “Quiet” Gets a Posable

Yesterday, famed Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders developer Hideo Kojima submitted a post to his twitter page announcing an all-new (and unsurprisingly "erotic") poseable figurine for the latest line of Metal Gear Solid V collectible merchandise, disapproving ladies and attentive gents, meet the even skimpier Quiet.

Fans are Creating the “Ultimate Tony Hawk Game”

A close-knit band of nostalgia fueled fans going by the pseudonyms of  Morten, %gone, Quazz, CHC, Krad, Demo and Frost have took it upon...
GTA Online

GTA Online Gets “Improved Anti-Cheat Measures” in 1.09 Patch

With the sudden age old shenanigans of cash exploits and speed-leveling hitting the steadily thriving world of GTA Online, Rockstar have decided to lay down the law with an introduction to the latest title update, the 1.09 patch - will this pose as a problem to all the miscreants amid the servers?

Updated Oculus Rift Gets Public Playtime at CES This Week

The pivotal first-person visualisation wonder, Oculus Rift, has been captivating quite a bit of attention in the past few months with its revolutionary dynamic response and immersive qualities, so I imagine tech enthusiasts will be excited to hear that a new and tweaked version of the headset will be available for public use and demonstration at CES this week.

Metal Gear Solid V: Cutscenes & Gameplay Give Increased “Sense of...

Over recent months, the team behind Hideo Kojima's next installment in the renowned tactical action saga Metal Gear Solid have brought us an abundance of fresh, franchise-refining features and an entire smörgåsbord of interactive possibilities with the development of the fifth major chapter in the title, The Phantom Pain, along with its soon to be released prequel Ground Zeroes.

Nintendo Issues Apology for Network Issues as Full eShop Services Return

Over this past week, I’m sure many Nintendo gamers were disappointed to find network services suffering from severe issues and periods of downtime between December 25th-26th, including the limited and rickety return of the Nintendo Network service (mainly the eShop stores) as of the 27th-28th of December. According to updates from the US Nintendo twitter page, services have been fully restored and are now securely accessible to a majority of public users, though there is no update on limited access from the European services despite Nintendo of America reassuring gamers that all services are available.

Techland Unveil PS4 Dying Light Demo at VGX

Fans of Polish game developer Techland will be happy to hear that their latest evolving project, the first-person survival-horror title: Dying Light, received a much anticipated spotlight at the 2013 Spike Video Game Awards.

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