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A 5'2" bundle of girl-nerd with a love of comic books, figures and all things RPG. I have a passion for pin ups and a love of pet rats! Speak nerdy to me: PSN: JessSaysHello

Caine and, Sure as Hell, Able. How Video Games Helped an...

We’ve all heard it, that familiar story of how we’ll all become murderers or bank robbers or some other form of violent criminal because we enjoy playing video games. But we never really hear about the good side of gaming. The side that lets people escape from trouble they’re having, emotions they’re feeling.

11-year-old Caine Smith has told the world how he has been beaten, harassed and bullied because he has long hair and two mums. Because he’s different. But he’s also told the world what most of us gamers knew already, that gaming is good for you.
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I Am Fire Review

I Am Fire is the second full-length story by Leicestershire comic writer and artist Rachael Smith. I reviewed her first, ‘The Way We Write’ earlier this year and loved it.

Heeere’s Tommy!

Well, Tommy is...Weird. Awesome. But weird.

I have never read anything (and I mean anything!) like it, and nor, I assure you, have you! "Yeah, sure" you think. Well. Tell me, have you ever read a comic about a child's imaginary serial killer rabbit? No, I thought not. Neither had I. But I loved it!

It really is messed up! But I can't help but love it for it! To give you a brief (terrifying) glimpse into Tommy read on. Jump the break to avoid the spoilers.

Hack/Slash First Cut Review

If you like horror films, scantily clad women and freaky-ass monsters then you’re in the right place. Let me introduce you to the comic Hack/Slash. What is it you ask?

Why I ‘Fell’ in Love… And then it broke my heart.

Fell is one of those comics I picked up out of pure wonder. I had NO idea what to expect, and, if I’m honest, I still have no idea what happened.
Grim Leaper

Grim Leaper – A Love Story to Die For

There’s an art form to creating a comic that combines gruesome death, comedy and true love - well, successfully that is. But that’s exactly what Grim Leaper does. And superbly too.
The Way We Write

The Way We Write Review

The Way We Write - The comic is definitely worth a look at, the artwork is a fantastic cartoon style that really lends itself to the impressive range of facial expressions in the drawings. It’s an awesome effect when at one point the lights are off and the comic changes from colour to black and white and then back again...

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