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Opinion: Does technology need to be everywhere?

Do we really need technology everywhere in our lives? Have we taken it too far? Now this is not a post about me being cynical...

The Escapists Review

The Escapists from Mouldy Toof Studios is all about following rules to break rules, follow the prison system and you may just get out alive......

Think you can beat Destiny’s first Guardians?

How good are you at Destiny? I mean really? Would you call yourself... Legendary? (No Neil Patrick Harris quotes please). Well if you and your...

Games With Gold Revealed for February!

So Xbox's monthly game service is getting a new wave next month, and I tell you they are some corkers!

Activisions New Havoc DLC Ad is Hilariously Ridiculous

Yesterday, Activision released possibly the best advert for a game DLC pack I've ever seen. One of the most satisfying parts of playing Call of...

New AR Pet App Animin Launches Today!

A couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to get an invite to go to central London, to go to the Bastion Studios...

EA’s New ‘Battlefield Weekly’ Live Show Debuts Today!

Today sees the launch of new Live Stream Community Show 'Battlefield Weekly', a 10 episode series hosted by EA's Dan Sheridan.
Xbox One Headset

I’ve Figured Out How to Use Two Headsets on your Xbox...

Ever wanted to use two headsets on the Xbox One? Well here's how, if you play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that is..

PlayStation 4 Release Date Postponed in China

So quite unbelievably (in my eyes) the PlayStation 4 and PSVita STILL have not been released in China, and the dates have been changed once again.
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CES 2015: Kickstarter for the 3Doodler 2.0 has Raised 5 Times...

The latest in handheld tech, the 3Doodler puts 3D Printing technology in the palm of your hand, literally. At 2PM today, a Kickstarter campaign went...

Opinion: Why is the Online Community Surrounding Gaming so Poor?

I'm going to cover a few areas when I have found the online gaming community outside of games themselves, to be the complete opposite of what I would expect.

Five Must-have Apps to Keep you Distracted this Christmas.

So you've got yourself a new device for Christmas, be it a phone, tablet or iPad, and you've already had enough of everyone being all festive and social? here is a list of a few apps that will keep you away from all that, and absorbed in your own little, quiet world. I wont be including any of the 'Premium Currency' games where you have to wait 4 hours whilst someone puts up a tent, or buy X gems for £X.XX because those are annoying, and you'd still have to go and talk to people, who wants that?! So grab your charger, because you're going to be draining some batteries.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Teased by Rockstar

Remember riding into Armadillo on that sweet horse that you tracked for miles into the desert to tame? Remember using the Rolling Block to knock the hats off of bandits from the comfort of your Ranch? Remember listening to Seth talk to corpses like they were mates in the pub? Well get ready to (hopefully) do it all again!

Yet another Defective Amiibo?!

Since my piece on the Twin-Cannoned Samus Amiibo that was found and sold on eBay, it has come to light that another has been found! This time the culprit is a Luigi Amiibo that is missing his left hand! The owner of this gem lives right here in the UK and has put the item on eBay, hoping it will fetch as much as others that have been found.

Gift Guide for the Modern Explorer

It's time for the Christmas Gift Guides! This will be my first one, so I've chosen to do a guide on something that is close...

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