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Just a guy with a love of the nerd. Comics is my game and writing about them is also my other game. Also up for a good read or a decent adventure. So that's how it all starts true believers

Batwoman is Coming to the Arrowverse

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that The CW's next big Arrowverse crossover will see Gotham and its heroine, Batwoman, coming to the show.

Street Fighter comes to Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is about to get a little more fighty as Capcom's famed Street Fighter is coming to the game.

Why Power Rangers Beast Morphers Should Appear in Shattered Grid

Summer is on the way and Shattered Grid, the Power Rangers comics mega event, is in full swing with Power Rangers from all different eras popping up.

Here’s a Better Origin Story for John Cena

When the lines between reality and fantasy become blurred, you can't see me. 10 points to anyone who managed to get that joke and another 10 if they found it funny.

Here’s the Debut Trailer for The Death of Superman Animation

DC Comics and Warner Bros. have released the debut trailer for their upcoming animation, The Death of Superman, which is another retelling of the same story they've done several times before.

Luke Cage Season 2 Trailer Hits Real Hard

Netflix has released the first teaser trailer for Luke Cage's second season, which is set to land on the streaming service next month.

Who is Captain Marvel? A Brief History of Captain Marvel

It looks like we might have a chain of command issue in The Avengers as another Captain due to join the ranks of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Though with the solo Captain Marvel movie a little while off, let's delve into her origins and see what inspired the next Marvel Universe adventure.

Synder Shows Off Henry Cavil in Classic Superman Costume

This weekend Zack Snyder has revealed an image of Henry Cavil wearing the classic Superman costume on social media platform Vero.

Four Other Power Rangers who Should Wield the Dragon Shield

Shattered Grid, the epic Power Rangers comic book event from BOOM! Studios is set to continue this month as an evil Ranger declares war on every Power Ranger ever. This month, you've got a special annual which will offer a collection of short stories bringing you up to date with fan favourite rangers.

How to Fix Power Rangers Zeo

Hasbro has bought the rights to Power Rangers and in case they tend to read geek news websites, I've got an idea for them....

Teen Titans GO! To The Movies Trailer Arrives

Warner Bros. have released the first official trailer for their upcoming animated feature film, Teen Titans GO! To The Movies and it pokes fun...

Three Uses for Attack on Titan’s Gear When it All Comes...

One day, one day Eren and co will melodramatically vanquish the Titans, those nightmarish giants terrorising humanity in an alternate history. But when that sad day comes, what will happen to all that ODM Gear?

The Seven Eras Of Power Rangers’ Tommy Oliver

Tommy Oliver was the first sixth ranger and the Power Ranger that tends to get the coolest weapons and Megazords, along with an interesting backstory. Tommy began his Ranger career as an evil Power Ranger under the spell of the villain, Rita Repulsa, but with the aid of the original 5 he broke free and vowed to do what's right.

Second Venom Trailer is here and I’m Scared

Sony has released the second trailer for their upcoming movie, Venom, and this time we finally get to see the Symbiote in action.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Trailer Proves that Idiots are all Around

The final trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is here, and there are more dangers than just the dinosaurs...

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