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Just a guy with a love of the nerd. Comics is my game and writing about them is also my other game. Also up for a good read or a decent adventure. So that's how it all starts true believers

It’s Another Fresh Start for Marvel in 2018

Marvel has announced that come May, there'll be a "fresh start" with a brand new series coming this Summer.

The Pros and Cons of the New Power Rangers (Go-Busters)

2019 is set to bring us another entry into the long-running Power Rangers franchise, though what are the ups and the downs this addition to the Mighty Morphin' family? Also, as a side note, while writing this piece, spell check kept trying to auto-correct Morphin' to morphine, which makes me smile, just like someone on morphine I suppose.

Fullmetal Alchemist Now Available to Stream on Netflix

Warner's Fullmetal Alchemist is now available to stream on Netflix! Will this finally persuade me to get an account?

Why The Naruto Anbu are Some of my Favourite Ninjas

Ninjas have been cool for a long time, they've made their coolness known in movies comics books, games and loads of over different ways. In terms of movies, you've got a whole bunch of them backflipping around and kicking butts, a cool example is, of course, Christopher Nolan's Batman.

Batman Ninja Gets An English Trailer

DC has been almost consistently knocking it out of the park with their animated movie output and seems to be keeping up this trend with Batman Ninja.

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] Review

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st], so that title is a bit of a mouthful right? Hard to swallow and it's also a bit intriguing isn't? Well, don't hold your breath on something exciting, if you do fancy something fun, say the title five times really fast.

Avengers: Infinity War drops Super Bowl Trailer

During the Super Bowl this weekend Marvel Entertainment released the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War.

Four Ways to Fix Power Rangers Time Force

When I first came up with this article format, it was more about fixing stuff that had potential but it somehow went wrong, but if I'm honest, I don't have a huge problem with Power Rangers Time Force.

The First Purge Trailer is Trying to Make Purging Great Again

Universal Pictures has released a brand new trailer for The Purge prequel, The First Purge, and it's channeling Donald Trump.

Ant-man and The Wasp Grows a Trailer

Marvel has released the first teaser trailer for Ant-man sequel, Ant-man & The Wasp following a brief tease this morning.

Why Power Rangers Wild Force Lost Me As A Viewer

As you grow up, things change. You get taller and your voice gets deeper and one day, you just won't watch Saturday morning kids TV anymore. Yes, it'll happen to you too and you won't realise until much later on. Though if you're like me, who remembers the names of most Power Rangers, you will remember that fateful day.

First Captain Marvel Shots Look a Little Blue

Superheroes tend to be super duper colourful, Captain Marvel is one of those characters as Carol Danvers has always been one for colour. Next year,...

Captain Marvel Set Images Spark This Crazy Theory

It's that time again where some geek on the ground has grabbed some photos from a movie set of an upcoming superhero movie, this time it's Captain Marvel.
Stargate Universe

Four Things That Could Fix Stargate Universe

Stargate Universe was the third live-action TV show in the franchise's history and it could be argued that its lukewarm reception lead to the show and franchise being put on ice. When I say ice, I mean literally in terms of storytelling. Though before we get to that, we need to go back the beginning.

Silicon Valley Season 5 Teaser Released

HBO have released a brand new trailer for the fifth season of Silicon Valley which is set to premiere on March 25.

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