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Just a guy with a love of the nerd. Comics is my game and writing about them is also my other game. Also up for a good read or a decent adventure. So that's how it all starts true believers

4 Facts About Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

The Dino Charged Power Rangers are back with a second season which sees the Neo Saban era try to tread the line between two...
Power Rangers Dino Charge

4 Facts About Power Rangers Dino Charge

Things go all kinds of Jurassic as Saban dusts off an old fossil by bringing dinosaurs back to the Power Rangers fold as the...

4 Facts About Power Rangers Super Megaforce

Things got mega last season but now things are going to super and if you're not careful things are going to super duper mega and then we will all be trouble.

4 Facts About Power Rangers Megaforce

Megaforce is hear to kill time before things get really awesome
Power Ranger Super Samurai

4 Facts About Power Rangers Super Samurai

It's time to get super cereal as the Samurai Rangers are back for a second season of beating up dudes in rubber...
Power Ranger Super Samurai

4 Facts About Power Rangers Samurai

The 2010s began with a slice and dicing motion as the Power Rangers Samurai leaped onto the scene.

4 Facts About Power Rangers RPM

The Disney-era of Power Rangers races to the finishing line with RPM who closes out this period of the show's history and finishing off the 2000s. If you want to sum up the Disney era of Power Rangers I guess you could say that it's always re-inventing itself.

n3rdabl3 Holiday Gift Guide: Comicbook Gift Hero!

It's that time of year again. Your cool family member of pal needs a gift and he or she has the most awesome hobby of all time. Comics! So, we've established he or she is very cool, but what do you get them for Christmas?

4 Facts About Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Things are about to get very angry and Kung Fu like as Power Rangers Jungle Fury leaps onto the scene to do battle with evil. Jungle Fury is penultimate Disney era Power Rangers and doubles downs on the concept of martial arts superheroes.

4 Facts About Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

You could say Power Rangers Operative Overdrive doesn't really have a distinct theme and I'd say, you're probably right. I mean you've got clear themes for most seasons of the shows. SPD was police and Mystic Force was a magical theme.

4 Facts About Power Rangers Mystic Force

Things are about to all kinds of Harry Potter as the Power Rangers Mystic Force swoops in to battle monsters with spells and hexes. For this incarnation of the Power Rangers Disney have literally sprinkled magic over this one with a magical and mystical theme.

4 Facts About Power Rangers S.P.D.

The Mighty Morphin arm of the law is always behind you as Power Rangers S.P.D. are on the case to fight crime and put evil behind bars.

4 Facts About Power Rangers Dino Thunder

The Disney era continues with a season that kind of feels like a flashback to the Golden era of the franchise with dinosaurs and...

Soulcalibur 6 Review

Soulcalibur 6, The fighting game with swords and a swashbuckling vibe has arrived for the PlayStation 4, but the question is, has it gone a little blunt over the years or is it still as sharp?

4 Facts About Power Rangers Ninja Storm

The early 2000s bought in an aggressive storm front of Shurikens and Kunais as Power Rangers Ninja Storm became the first major member of...


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