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Just a guy with a love of the nerd. Comics is my game and writing about them is also my other game. Also up for a good read or a decent adventure. So that's how it all starts true believers
batman and robin comic

Four Facts About Four Different Robins

Robin has been watching Batman's back for nearly 80 years through the highs and the lows. Along the way, we've seen a whole bunch...

Final Street #1 Review

Devils Due has created a love letter to 80s beat 'em up games with Final Street, but does it kick butt, or does it...

4 Interesting Facts About Black Suited Spider-man

Black Suited Spider-man, the most iconic costume change to ever happen in a superhero comic. Though how much do you actually know about Spider-man's...

Dead or Alive 6 Review

Dead or Alive 6 feels like it has been developed in a group or team situation where the vast majority of the group want...
Captain Marvel Still

4 Interesting Facts About Captain Marvel

Marvel's latest superhero flick, Captain Marvel, is flying back to the 90s for another thrilling adventure. Though how much do you know about Captain...

4 Interesting Facts About Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6, the Japanese superhero team that taught the world how to hug and fist bump as well kicking some bad guy butt,...

4 Interesting Facts About The Spider-Verse

Spider-man Into The Spider-Verse swung into the Box Office and webbed up the critics with all its success. Though do you know any cool...

4 Facts About Power Rangers Beast Morphers

It's a new year and a new era for the Power Rangers franchise as Hasbro unveils its first team of Rangers ready to battle the...

4 Facts about each Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel swooped onto the Saturday morning TV schedules with a bang, but also lead the show into an end of an...
Vane Key Art

Vane Review

Vane is shocking in all the wrong ways.

SENRAN KAGURA Burst Re:Newal Review

A stripped down review of Senran Kagura

4 Facts About Power Rangers Ninja Steel

Ninja Steel is all about the sneaky death style for the Power Rangers as the Neo Saban era draws to a close with a...

4 Facts About Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

The Dino Charged Power Rangers are back with a second season which sees the Neo Saban era try to tread the line between two...
Power Rangers Dino Charge

4 Facts About Power Rangers Dino Charge

Things go all kinds of Jurassic as Saban dusts off an old fossil by bringing dinosaurs back to the Power Rangers fold as the...

4 Facts About Power Rangers Super Megaforce

Things got mega last season but now things are going to super and if you're not careful things are going to super duper mega and then we will all be trouble.

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