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Battlerite Royale Drops A Gameplay Trailer

While Stunlock Studios had previously announced that Battlerite Royale would be a separate entity on Steam, we've finally had a trailer drop to show the game in motion!

Resident Evil 2 To Get £700 “Premium” Edition

The Resident Evil 2 remake, which already had a collectors edition, is set to get an even larger, more expensive edition that'll retail at £700.

Sony Officially Name Their Marvel Universe

Sony have big plans for the 900ish Marvel character properties that they own and, in an article about that daunting subject, they've revealed the name for their, er, MCU. It'll be known as the SUMC, or "Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters"

This Is The Police 2 Posts Bail For September Release On...

Announced by THQ Nordic, This Is The Police 2 is set to make it's way to the Nintendo Switch. Due to good behaviour, it'll be out on the streets September 25.

Risk Of Rain 2 Teaser Trailer Arrives

Last year, the creators of Risk Of Rain, Hopoo Games, confirmed that development had begun on Risk Of Rain 2.

Battlerite Royale To Be Standalone Game

Stunlock Studios have announced that Battlerite Royale, their highly anticipated spin-off Battle Royale game mode will not be included in the core Battlerite game. Instead, Battlerite Royale will be it's own Steam Early Access title.
Dead Cells Title Banner

Dead Cells Dev Promises Improved Switch Performance

Dead Cells released recently to a lot of fanfare, but Nintendo Switch users have unfortunately been handed a slightly worse version, as the Switch struggles to maintain a smooth frame rate.

In Bee Simulator You Are A Bee Who Can Dance

Simulator games seem to become more and more popular each year. We've been goats, with been truck drivers and train conductors, but we haven't been a Bee. Luckily, Bee Simulator changes all that.

Circle Empires Review

I'm not the worlds biggest RTS fan, not by a long shot. I've always been the type to load into a custom campaign, play for a few hours, get bored of gathering and maintaining resources and saying "fuck it, it's cheat time". Then everything devolves into a clusterfuck of typing in codes until I generate a massive army and decimate the entire map. Circle Empires doesn't allow me to do that. Is that a reason for me to dislike the game? I guess you're gonna have to read on and find out.

No Man’s Sky Scores Largest Twitch Views Since Launch

In what probably comes as no surprise considering the NEXT update, No Man's Sky racked in a massive 4.3 million hours watched over various streams on Twitch and YouTube Gaming, as reported by Newzoo.

Chrono Trigger On PC Rescued After Disastrous Launch

Chrono Trigger had a disastrous PC release, there's no denying it. But hats off to Square Enix, as they've done right by the port of the SNES classic.

Crossing Souls Review (NS)

There's been an influx of 80's inspired media recently and it seems to have been ushered in by the massive Netflix hit, Stranger Things. While it's always a great idea to try and look forward with media, sometimes it's nice to have a few nostalgic tugs on your heart strings to show you that gaming doesn't have to be all glitz and glamour. Sometimes it can invoke feelings of memories long since past. While that may not be the core aim of Crossing Souls, it certainly does it well.
Street Fighter V

Sagat And G Drop Into Street Fighter 5

The day that Sagat and G dropped into Street Fighter 5 was the greatest day of your life, but for me, it was a Tues... er, Monday. Goddamnit Capcom.

Free-To-Play Games On Switch Might Not Be Gated By Nintendo Switch...

Once September hits, Nintendo Switch Online service will go live. This means games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2 and, when it arrives, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will have all of their online multiplayer components gated unless you pay, much like the PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold systems.
Dragonball Xenoverse 2 Expert Mode

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Smashes 10 Million Copies Target

While the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series might be playing second fiddle to Dragon Ball Fighter Z, the Time Cop-esque anime brawling series isn't without its merit.

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