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PlayStation Classics Hidden Emulation Menu

Since it's announcement, PlayStation fans have had an interesting view on the PlayStation Classic, with some lambasting the choice of games included in the $99 "emulator", while others rejoiced at the chance to relive the glory days. While the PlayStation Classics library is a little on the small side, one savvy user may have found a way around this.

Two More Sony “Marvel” Movies On The Horizon?

With the creation of the Sony Universe of Marvel Characters - Catchy name, guys - It should come as no surprise that there'd be more "Sony Marvel" movies on the horizon. Especially when they announce the dates for two new films.

Cliffy B States “I’m Never Making Another Game”

Cliff Bleszinski, former head of the former studio Boss Key Productions, has officially announced his retirement from making video games... again.

Fallout 76 B.E.T.A Extended After Game Deleting Bug

Being a studio known for its high levels of polish, it may be a shock that Bethesda have announced they'll extend the Fallout 76 "B.E.T.A", following a game deleting bug.

Nickelodeon Kart Racer Review

Nickelodeon Kart Racer is the latest game from Bamtang, a studio based in Peru. Kart racers have long been a staple of gaming. Is this one any good? Let's find out!

Castlevania Producer Could Be “Working” On A Legend Of Zelda Series

A couple of years ago, there was chatter suggesting we'd be getting a live-action Netflix series based on the classic The Legend Of Zelda. The series was meant to be a family-friendly Game Of Throne... a weird sentence to write.

Fist Of The North Star: Lost Paradise Review

Fist Of The North Star isn't something I'm massively familiar with. I've seen some memes spawn out of it and I knew that Kenshiro was the name of the protagonist, but that's as far as it went.

FIFA 19 (PS4) Review

I've made it no secret that I'm a fan of the FIFA series. All you'd have to do is read my Pro Evolution Soccer 19 review to see that. But I feel that, because of my enjoyment of the series for what seems like an infinite amount of years, it also makes me super critical of it. Who even knows at this point, we're just gonna dive into FIFA 19.
Red Dead Redemption 2 Screenshot

Rockstar Attempt To Defuse 100-Hour Work Week Controversy

With Red Dead Redemption 2 only weeks away, Rockstar surely haven't put their foot in their mouths, have they?

EGX 2018: CardLife Adds A Twist To Survival Games

In the age of photorealism, sometimes it's hard to switch off from the world, but thanks to its entirely cardboard aesthetic, CardLife bring a unique aesthetic to the survival game genre.

EGX 2018: Causeway Crosses XCOM with Wall-E

Carrying on with our EGX 2018 coverage, Part of the NTFS section of EGX (much like Beekind), Causeway was an interesting experience created by Niru Fekri-Arnold. It'd be hard to avoid the comparison to X-Com, as it's combat is very similar to Causeway, though Causeway also seems to have had a little bit of a Wall-e inspiration too.

EGX 2018: Away: Journey to the Unexpected Impressions

With EGX 2018 flittering off to be a distant (but grand) memory, it's time for us to write about what we saw! Away: Journey to the Unexpected was one such game.

Metal Max Xeno (PS4) Review

Video games are a special medium. You can seemingly take any concept you've thought of and smash it with some sort of gameplay and you're good to go. Sometimes, concepts get used that might not lend themselves to a fun and coherent style. If you read through the foreshadowing, you'll realize that Metal Max Xeno falls into that category.
Pro Evolution Soccer 19 PES Screenshot

Pro Evolution Soccer 19 Review

Let's start this one off with the truth, shall we? I've not been a Pro Evolution Soccer player for a very long time, will this be the instalment to bring me back?
Nintendo Switch Logo

Wireless NES Switch Controllers Only Work With NES Games

Since the NES Switch controllers were revealed, fans have been clamoring for more info. Well, here's an important detail!


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