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The Walking Dead: The Final Season’s Third Episode Gets a Trailer

The Walking Dead: The Final Season has faced a number of bumps in the road since Telltale closed down but after months of waiting...

Quantic Dream Teases Big Announcement Coming Soon!

Detroit: Become Human developer Quantic Dream is teasing a big announcement for 2019. Quantic Dream had an amazing year...

Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLC ‘The Pillar’ Extends Lara’s Adventures

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is getting its latest slice of DLC content, The Pillar, December 18. Following Lara's thrilling Mayan adventure in Shadow of the...

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 3 Gets Official Release...

Following a rocky and uncertain few months after the closure of Telltale Games, it was unclear whether The Walking Dead: The Final Season would get it’s deserved ending.

First Teaser for Umbrella Academy Has Dropped and it’s Perfect!

After dropping the first official teaser to the tv adaptation of Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s Umbrella Academy, Netflix has proven that they can capture the comics strange and whacky essence in under a minute.

Ubisoft Tease a New Far Cry Game

One of Ubisoft’s most successfully addictive series, Far Cry, has taken us from jungles and beaches to snowy mountains and even to a tiny town ruled by a crazy cult.

Black Mirror to Reappear in Time for the New Year?

Black Mirror is poised to return for a fifth season later this month if a now-deleted tweet is to be believed.

Life is Strange Comic Review (Issue #1)

Partners in crime (and time), Chloe Price and Max Caulfield, return to the scene in Titan's first issue of the Life is Strange comic series.

Limbo Developer Playdead to Stray From 2D in Upcoming Title

Playdead, the developers of the strange and dark 2D adventures, Limbo and Inside, has been teasing a new game that’s shaping up to be their biggest project yet.

The Mind Flayer to Terrorize Hawkins Once More in Stranger Things...

Don’t let the blissful ending of Stranger Things Season 2 fool you - Anyone who knows Hawkins also knows that when happiness befalls it’s resident, something wicked this way comes!

Satanic Temple Plans to Sue Netflix For Copyright Issues in Chilling...

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina may seem like a hit to most viewers but apparently not everyone is bewitched by this spooky take on the beloved comics.

The Greater Good Review

Developed by electronic producer EnrightBeats, The Greater Good is a fun RPG adventure for those who enjoy a simple good versus evil battle.

Disney May be Looking to Reboot Pirates of the Caribbean

Grab a bottle of rum and get ready to celebrate because rumor has it that Disney is looking to reboot Pirates of the Caribbean.

Life is Strange Comic to Reunite Two Beloved Characters!

Whether you chose Bae or Bay at the end of Life is Strange, Titan Comics' first issue of the book based on the game will be sure to put a smile on your face as Chloe and Max are brought back for an all-new adventure.

Fallout 76 Reveals All New Factions and Fan Favorites!

Bethesda has revealed details on some of the factions that'll be making an appearance in Fallout 76, and it includes some fan favorites.


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