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Belgian editor - MMORPG fan - still playing World of Warcraft. The above information does make it sound as if I don't have a real life, but trust me, I do <3!

Scorpio Delivers, Even For Xbox One Gamers

It's been known for a while now that the next Xbox console, known as Project Scorpio, will host 4K gameplay. Loads of players already started worrying: "do you need to upgrade your television as well to be able to play the newest games once the Xbox Scorpio hits the shelves?" According to several trusted sources, you don't.

Anticipated PS4 Firmware Arriving Today

Sony has confirmed that the System Software Update 4.50 will be available starting today, introducing the brand new Boost Mode feature. This highly anticipated beast mode will increase performance for games that have never received the PlayStation 4 Pro treatment.

Injustice 2 Welcomes a DC Classic

Injustice 2 will be available on May 16. Recently however, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment announced yet another addition to the character roster. The trailer below introduces the powerful sorcerer Doctor Fate. You can catch a first glimpse of him in the gameplay video, with his mastery of magic on full display.

GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Unveiled

NVIDIA has unveiled their newest graphical card monster during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti promises to perform significantly better than the Titan X and also outperforms the regular 1080. The catch? There's none, since the Ti will be available for a much lower price.

The Nintendo 64 Turns 20 Today

The Nintendo 64 was not the first handheld or console I ever owned. I probably, albeit unconsciously, competed for the longest GameBoy gaming session marathon on the planet. Pokémon Red and Blue dominated my younger years, but then the N64 happened.

AMD Announces Competitive Ryzen Processor

Do you know someone who's currently using an AMD processor? I surely don't. AMD's last generation desktop chips disappointed and everybody quickly abandoned all faith in the California based semiconductor company. At long last the long-awaited sunshine after the rain is slowly unveiling.

Microsoft Twitch Competitor ‘Beam’ Now Available to Insiders

In August 2016, Microsoft acquired Beam, an interactive livestreaming service. Big companies often buy smaller ones to incorporate their software into their own, but Microsoft has a cleverer idea it seems. Windows 10 Insiders, those who preview new features in the operating system, have reported the existence of a new streaming app!

Microsoft Skips HoloLens V2 to Develop V3

Skipping an important step of the development process is not something we should encourage. Microsoft however is taking a rather unusual path, since rumours indicate there will never be a second HoloLens prototype. We can instead expect the third generation model to be available to consumers in 2019.

Adult Swim Releases New Trailer for Desync

Adult Swim Games has released a new trailer for Desync. This fast, reactive and intense first-person shooter releases on February 28 and challenges the player to play both dangerously and creatively. The game looks like a digitalized shoot 'em up iteration of Call of Duty, but game footage makes it clear that the game does indeed have its unique own identity.

Switch Games Finally Tied to Nintendo Accounts

We don't know much about the Nintendo Switch performance yet, but one of the first pieces of information to reach us already marks a change in Nintendo's account versus console policy.

Blizzard Games Performed Well Last Quarter

Activision Blizzard had its quarterly earnings call last Friday. Numbers are slowly reaching the internet and all in all Blizzard game seem to have performed incredibly well.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew Delayed

Bad news for Star Trek fans. Ubisoft has delayed Bridge Crew, the upcoming virtual reality title that was supposed to be ready on March 14. The game will now be available on May 30 for the PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Will Trump’s Mess Change Dota 2’s The International Location?

Whilst politics and the video games industry should not interfere with each other's business, Trump's decision to change visa regulations could influence Valve's The International tournament. The travel 'ban' negatively impacts one of the biggest eSports events, and that's a huge problem.

Trick Trivialises Nioh Boss Fights

Nioh has been proven an incredibly complex video game. Some boss fights have, a mere two days after the official release, already been added to several "hardest encounters ever made" lists, but players have found a way to counter these overly aggressive opponents.

Switch Will Get FIFA 18, But …

During the Switch announcement, Electronic Arts took the stage to confirm a FIFA game for Nintendo's new gaming platform. This piece of information remained suitably vague until now, because today EA confirmed that this unnamed FIFA title will indeed be some sort of FIFA 18 release.

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