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Just another living (M)organ-ism. Alice is a beauty dropout with a passion for fashio- games. Video games, board games, and card games. Lover of nerdy buffoonery and internet nonsense.

Hasbro Launches Questionable Monopoly for Millennials

Monopoly is finally accessible to Millennials! It always was, but now it's tailored for us. Oh lordy. It comes to us all eventually. That moment...

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Coming 2019, Trailer Released

Muggles beware, the wizards are here! That’s right; the veil between our world and J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World has grown ever thinner thanks to a newly released trailer. The veil itself is set to burst wide open when Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is unleashed worldwide in 2019.
ABZÛ coral

The Wonderfully Watery World of Abzû is Coming to Switch

It’s news that will make some players very happy — others may be wondering what all the fuss is about… which means they’ve obviously missed out. I mean, how could you have not heard about Abzû?

Windlands 2 Launches This Week… Get Your Grapple On

Are you ready to swing into action? No… I’m not talking about Spider-Man, I’m talking about Psytec Games’ upcoming sequel to their 2016 title...

Xbox One Mouse and Keyboard Support Finalized

We’ve heard all about it. We’ve thought long and hard about it. We’ve begged for some form of it… and it’s finally here… well, not quite… but it’s close enough. That’s right, Microsoft have confirmed that mouse and keyboard support will be coming to the Xbox One within days.

Hiding Spot Review

We’ve all been there. Haven’t we? We’ve all felt that need to hunker down and hide from the world. Lord only knows why this is just about the sanest and rational thing a grown human feels compelled to do when coping with a hard day at work, a fight with a loved one, or just an all-around garbage fire of a day. It’s a strange sort of a feeling; a need to conceal oneself out of reach from the rest of the world, and amazingly Hiding Spot captures that feeling impeccably — if not a little pointlessly — as you manipulate a rooms furniture to form a protective cocoon around yourself.

Sea of Thieves PvP Arena Game Mode Announced

Prepare the cannons, me hearties — Rare have announced a brand new game mode for Sea of Thieves… and it’s all about PvP — pirate vs. pirate, if you will. The Arena is setting sail for an early 2019 launch so you better get your crew a’ hauling to prepare.

Magic Fuel Games Debut First Title, Fort Stars

Magic Fuel Games, featuring veteran Maxis and Sim City devs, have launched their debut title, mobile title Fort Stars for iOS and Android.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Goes Wireless With Newly Announced GameCube Adaptor

8BitDo have announced their new wireless Bluetooth adaptor for GameCube controllers and they're shipping on December 7. That’s right, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Day!

Battlefield 5 PC Requirements and Pre-Load Dates Revealed

After somewhat of a rough start, EA’s Battlefield 5 is beginning to ramp up just in time for its newly revised launch date, or dates...

Just Cause 4 Full PC Requirements Released

If you are an avid PC gamer and a fanatic fan of the Just Cause franchise, then these are the specs you’ve been vigilantly...

SEGA Have Launched an Official UK and EU Merch Store

Suiting up Sonic style has never been easier… or more official. SEGA and Numskull Designs have announced that they have partnered together to launch...

The King’s Bird Review

Serenity Forge begins The King’s Bird with a leap of faith. It prompts you to take control and jump from a ledge to fly free among the beautiful clouds. It was with this same spirit that I dived headlong into it — but unfortunately, my little flight came to a crashing halt, and I fell to the ground with a dull thud.

Two Point Hospital Unveils New Sandbox Mode

Since its release in August Two Point Hospital, developed by the aptly named Two Point Studios, has only grown from strength to strength. Riding high after having been nominated for the Golden Joysticks “PC Game of the Year” award, Two Point Studios have announced that a new free play game mode is coming to their hospital simulator real soon.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince Announced, Frozenbyte teams up with Modus

Trine is back, back again. Trine is back, tell yo’ friends! It has been officially confirmed by Modus Games that a new installment in the cooperative Trine series will be with us in 2019. Modus has partnered with Frozenbyte, the series’ original developers, to publish its newest puzzle title named Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince.


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